Keeping Power in Check – Media, Justice and the Rule of Law

Alison Small Inter Press Service   Rarely has the press been as powerful as it is today. Thanks to the advent of social media, the use of which has grown exponentially, the combination of the formal press, newspapers, television and radio is now strengthened, and itself even kept in check by social media. Jo and […]

Survivors’ network seeks to turn former slaves into global leaders

Kieran Guilbert Thomson Reuters Foundation   Survivors of modern slavery are being encouraged to become leaders in the global drive to end the crime through the arts and activism, as part of an online network launched on Monday.   The Survivor Alliance will provide a forum, expert contacts and consulting opportunities for survivors engaged in […]

Poland broke law with forest logging: Court

Gabriela Baczynska Reuters   The European Union’s highest court ruled on April 17 that Poland broke EU environmental law with large-scale logging in the Bialowieza forest, an ecologically important World Heritage site and home to the rare European bison.   In the final ruling in Luxembourg, judge Marek Safjan of the European Court of Justice […]

Nutrition-based welfare schemes play huge role in social upliftment

Madhu Pandit Dasa IANS   Our pursuit of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is largely dependent on equality in the distribution of resources and inclusive growth. In the 2017 SDG Index and Dashboards Report, assessing the performance of countries in terms of achieving the SDGs, India ranked 116th out of 157 countries. The need […]

Will a new technology revolution work for the poor and marginalized?

Laurie Goering Thomson Reuters Foundation   What does the coming “Fourth Industrial Revolution” – an economic transformation built on artificial intelligence, robotics and other technological fusion – mean for the world’s poor? Both more – and less – than you might think.   Fully 75 percent of the world’s poor are not-very-productive rural farmers, many […]

Photographer captures stark divide in booming Indian city

Rina Chandran Thomson Reuters Foundation   “Cities want to be seen as modern, global and smart, but (they) cover up real problems like pollution and the lack of planning and infrastructure”   A photographic exhibition in Paris aims to capture both the rapid growth of an Indian city and the deep divide in the South […]

In traffic-tied Nairobi, the way forward may be on foot

Kagondu Njagi Thomson Reuters Foundation   It is dawn along the Waiyaki Way highway on the northwest side of Nairobi, but the road into town is already packed with traffic of every stripe.   As a 14-seater van skids into a bus stop, a young man in denim jeans and a yellow sweatshirt peels out […]

Asia-Pacific chefs chew over ways to slim down food waste

Michael Taylor Thomson Reuters Foundation   Chefs and caterers at hotels in Asia-Pacific will work on ways to cut food waste, including tweaking buffets and promoting the use of doggy bags, in a scheme led by environmental group WWF.   The Asian arm of the Hotel Kitchen programme, funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, is due […]

Will humans survive the digital onslaught?

Book Review: Book Review: Digital Vs Human: How We’ll Live, Love and Think in the Future; Author: Richard Watson; Publisher: Amaryllis; Pages: 272; Price: Rs 499   Gokul Bhagabati IANS   At a time when the rise of digital technology appears almost unstoppable, and machines with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are commanding unprecedented respect from us, are […]

Clandestine work in a realistic frame: Matt Helm and his exploits

Vikas Datta IANS   What can we expect of spy fiction? Should it be all glamour — parties, fast cars, women (or lets say partners), casinos, over-the-top and plentiful action in exotic locations with clearly marked good and bad sides, as in James Bond films? Or should it be the gritty, unromanticised variant — with […]

Filling the gap between Holmes & James Bond

Book Review: The Irregular – A Different Class of Spy; Author: H.B. Lyle; Publisher: Hodder& Stoughton/Hachette India; Pages: 288; Price: Rs 399   Vikas Datta IANS   The First World War is still five years away, but London is already an arena for proxy conflict between its potential European allies or adversaries — and their […]