Libyan rebels on the run, West divided

AJDABIYA, Libya, March 11 (AFP): Libyan strongman Moamer Kadhafi’s forces were in control of the oil town of Ras Lanuf Friday, as rebels on the run appealed for arms and divided Western powers mulled military intervention. Medics in contact with anti-regime fighters in the eastern town said there were still pockets of resistance Friday but […]

Japan FM ‘to resign’ over Korean’s gift

TOKYO, March 6 (AFP): Japan’s centre-left government suffered a blow Sunday when its high-profile foreign minister reportedly said he would step down over a donations scandal that drew the ire of the conservative opposition. Seiji Maehara, 48, has been widely seen as a likely successor to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who has struggled in the […]

New Zealand quake to cost up to $11 billion

WELLINGTON, March 6 (Reuters): The earthquake which shattered the New Zealand city of Christchurch on February 22 would cost the country up to NZ$15 billion ($11 billion) and will also wipe 1.5 percent off GDP over five years, Finance Minister Bill English said on Sunday."Paying for the earthquake will likely involve a balanced combination of […]

Gaddafi launches counter-offensive on Libya rebels

TRIPOLI, March 6 (Reuters): Libyan troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi launched counter-strikes on Sunday to try to take back strategic towns from rebel forces, while intense automatic gunfire reverberated around the capital. The resilience of Gaddafi’s forces in the face of the widespread insurrection and their ability to counter-attack will increase fears that Libya is […]

Hundreds protest civilian deaths in Afghan capital

KABUL, March 6 (Reuters): Hundreds of people chanting "Death to America" protested in Kabul on Sunday against a spate of civilian casualties caused by international forces, a sign of the simmering anti-Western emotion among many ordinary Afghans. The demonstrators marched through the center of the capital, some carrying banners bearing pictures of blood-covered dead children […]

Moammar Gadhafi forces overcome rebel defenses

A Libyan man inspects the site of a massive explosion that occurred during the night in Benghazi, Libya on Saturday, March 5. Hospital officials say an explosion at an ammunition depot in Libya’s rebel stronghold of Benghazi on Friday has killed at least 17 people. (AP Photo)   TRIPOLI, Libya, March 5 (AP): Moammar Gadhafi’s […]

Jammed pistol kept toll down in Frankfurt attack

KARLSRUHE (GERMANY), March 5 (AP): The pistol used by the suspect in the slaying of two US airman at the Frankfurt airport malfunctioned during the attack, preventing even greater loss of life, a German investigator said on Friday.Suspect Arid Uka, a 21-year-old ethnic Albanian from Kosovo, refused to talk when formally charged before a judge […]

Libya rebels advance, vow to topple Gaddafi

Libyan gunmen from the forces against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi fire in the air during a mass funeral for rebel gunmen killed in fighting  in Ajdabiya, eastern Libya on Thursday, March 3. (AP Photo)   AL-UQAYLA, March 4 (Reuters): Libyan rebels vowing "victory or death" advanced toward a major oil terminal on Friday, calling for […]

Austria detains ex-Bosnian general on Serb warrant

VIENNA, March 4 (AP): A Serbian colonel who defected to Bosnia’s army at the start of the conflict between the two sides has been detained on a Serbian warrant and is awaiting a hearing on whether he should be extradited on suspicion of war crimes, Austrian officials said Friday. Jovan Divjak was taken into custody […]

US Justice Dept targets Bobby Jindal

Washington, March 4 (PTI): The US Department of Justice has targeted Indian origin Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as part of a investigation to find out whether the American state is complying with federal voting laws. J Christian Adams, a former attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, claimed that the ultimate purpose […]

Hundreds attend Pakistani minister’s funeral

KHUSHPUR, March 4 (AFP): Hundreds of chanting Christians bearing black flags gathered in a dusty village in central Pakistan on Friday for the burial of their figurehead, shot dead by suspected Islamic extremists. Minority affairs minister Shahbaz Bhatti, 42, an outspoken campaigner against Pakistan’s Islamic blasphemy laws, died in a hail of bullets as he […]

Mom’s smoking ups risk of heart defects in baby

NEW YORK, March 4 (Reuters Health):  Mothers who smoke during the first trimester of pregnancy are more likely to give birth to babies with some of the most common types of birth defects, a new study finds.Specifically, women who smoked early in pregnancy were 30 percent more likely to give birth to babies with obstructions […]