Oh the state went dry Liquour flows in corner streets Bang bang shoot brothers against brothers For freedom they say Development… They proudly say… The promise unanswered… Land of festival they say….. For Christ they say For evil they live But not all are same For some are sane… Oh Nagalim….. A history made by […]

Little-known facts about the Human Body

Your body is many things: a mechanical device, a walking chemistry set, a sustainable life form, and an ever-changing biological phenomenon. There’s a lot to know about the body. Were you aware of these amazing facts? 1. For every pound of fat gained, you add seven miles of new blood vessels. New tissue needs blood […]

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1. Villagers from three villages in Mokokchung – Chungtia, Aliba and Kinunger – recently repaired 35 kms of a National Highway. Which National Highway? a) NH 102A b) NH 29 c) NH 702D d) NH 155   2. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), tobacco smoking currently kills how many people a year worldwide? […]

NBSE chairman informs on scholarship scheme

The Chairman NBSE, Asano Sekhose in a notification has informed to all concerned that   • Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for college and university students under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has been included in the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) programme of the Government of India and […]

‘The Wish of My Life’

Remember the feeling when you run nimble fingers over a wrapped package? Recall the anticipatory curiosity coursing through you as the wrapper comes off to unveil the item it so teasingly encloses. Yes. Exactly. It was with those very feelings, except in a more heightened state, that I made enquiries on the whereabouts of the […]

Admission in Delhi Univ

Students seeking Admission in Delhi University (DU) for Under Graduate 2016. This year Delhi University will be full of Online and No Offline process will be done.   Important dates for Under Graduate admission are as follows:   Registration: 28th May 2016 and last date17th June 2016   1st cut off list: 22nd June 2016 […]

Participate & win

Participate & win

1. Which city tops the list of Second list of the Smart Cities announced by the Minister of Urban Development and Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation on May 24 a. Imphal b. Lucknow c. Warangal d. Panaji     2. The National Anti Terrorism Day is celebrated on which day in India? a. May 21 […]

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