Photography Tips: Produce Terrific Black & Whites

Digicams can take beautiful monochrome shots, but you’ll need to do more than Just flip the switch to B&W mode. Shoot in color.Digicams grab a wider range of tones in color mode because they’re capturing data for three channels – red, green, and blue. Convert your images to black and white in postproduction. Light at […]

A fashionable inspiration!

When I first came across Chonchon Moriarty’s photos at a popular networking site, I thought that she was such a pretty face. And a very successful pretty face, judging by the numerous photo campaigns she has been featured at. Well, it’s an understatement when I say she is more than just a pretty face. When […]

Taking Naga Youths’ Talents Seriously

True, that we could not be a billionaire by the age of 25, nor won Grammys or Oscars or were the youngest Nobel laureate, and thanks for not comparing us with Mark Zuckerberg, for whatever your dreams and aspirations were. We are still struggling to get into the road of basking glory, you see. And […]

Naga student bags Young Global Leader Award 2011

Indian Activist and Social Entrepreneur Ngul Min Thang, from Nagaland, currently a student of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, has been awarded the YGL Awards 2011 which was nominated by the British Council through their Global Changemakers Programme. Thang, a Global Changemaker representative of Singapore, has been with the YGL team for the past two years. […]

2 Crores for Hornbill festival – Is it worth it?

Kekhrie Sorhie: 2 crores!!! Is the hornbill a profit or loss investment? Is the hornbill promoting tourism? as per the papers or is it just the govt. selling us crap? Yanpvuo Kikon: For me, 2 Crores is worth the investment! There’s no denying the fact that Hornbill has indeed put Nagaland in the world and […]

Youth today and politics

Let’s Participate In POLITICS Akanksha Tiwari Today, Indian politics seems to be going astray from the path laid for it by yesteryear statesmen like Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru. Most of the politicians appear insignificant compared to these magnanimous personalities. We all seem to be wary of their promises and assurances, and tired of their constant […]


In this November 14 photo, Mohammed Abass, 28, draws a tattoo of a skull on Saad Saif’s leg, 25, in Baghdad. After more than eight years in Iraq, the departing American military’s legacy includes a fledgling democracy, bitter memories of war, and for the nation’s youth, rap music, tattoos and slang. (AP File Photo)

One night with the hunters in a forest

Somewhere in a forest in Mokokchung district The teenage hunter carried the dead wild cat called “Shou” in local dialect. It was a pride for him and he carried it in full view of others just like an Olympian displaying his medal after winning a marathon race. The cat would be immersed in hot water […]

Post Mark – Remembered, Honored, Revived

In the late 1980s, a motley group of youngsters got together with a common love of heavy metal music. Apart from covering songs from the rock acts from the western world, Post Mark (as the group was later called) tried finding their own sound and style. This quest led them to experiment with Manipuri sounds. […]

Energy drinks: simply fuel– or a flavour sensation?

Highly caffeinated energy drinks have become an integral part of a frenzied, workaholic culture in the UK and nearly three-quarters of young people say they drink them regularly. Popular pick-me-ups such as Lucozade Energy and Red Bull deliver a dose of caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee, while their more potent competitors Relentless and […]