Chronic binge drinking kills liver faster

Chronic alcohol use, when combined with repeated binge drinking, causes more damage to the liver than previously thought, says an Indian-origin researcher from University of Missouri-Columbia.   “Heavy binge drinking by those who habitually consume alcohol is the most common cause of liver damage in chronic alcoholic liver disease,” said Shivendra Shukla, Margaret Proctor Mulligan […]

Merry Christmas to our womenfolk

Merry Christmas to our womenfolk

Reproduced below is an extract from an email from a young journalist of a national paper:   The latest annual report from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on ‘Crime in India’, 2014, published in July 2015, reveals that Nagaland is the safest state for women in the country. It recorded 67 cases of crimes […]

International Campaign Protesting Violence Against Women & Girls 2015

Samhita Barooah Researcher   November 25 to December 10 is a period significant to commemorate the aberrations meted out on women and girls in all possible contexts which does not regard their existence as human beings. In the recent years, women have progressed much ahead with education, skills, confidence and constant cooperation from various quarters. […]

TNB Christmas Giveaway 2015

The Naga Blog is a forum on facebook where Nagas from Nagaland and around the world network, share ideas and discuss a wide range of topics from politics and philosophy to music  and current events in Nagaland and beyond. The blog is not owned by any individual, nor is it affiliated to or associated with […]

Book review: The Power to Forgive

Book review:  The Power to Forgive

      Avinuo Kire, Zubaan 2015, Rs 395, 139 pp.   Avinuo Kire’s first volume of short stories was released in August. The collection is twelve short stories on different themes. The title story, The Power to Forgive is a powerful account of reconciliation coming through a daughter’s forgiveness of a father’s ill thought […]

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