Paving way for others

On January 5, the first Sunday of this year, among many other news that appeared in the local dailies, one which caught the attention of the readers was the report about Chief Secretary, Alemtemshi Jamir contesting the State’s lone Lok Sabha seat in the coming months. It was felt that the report perhaps sought to […]


The Naga Blog is a forum on facebook where Nagas from Nagaland and around the world network, share ideas and discuss a wide range of topics from politics and philosophy to music and current events in Nagaland and beyond. The blog is not owned by any individual, nor is it affiliated to or associated with […]

Bizarre Stories of 2011

1. Dead Alien Found in RussiaThrough all the breaking stories of 2011, the political coups and natural disasters, the movies and the mayhem, we bring you some of the more bizarre incidents that added to the colour of 2011. From alien life form to new records in polydactyly, and extraordinary discoveries about the mysterious universe […]

Naga Bloggers reach out to fire victims in Mon

While most people in Kohima and Dimapur were busy celebrating Christmas with their near and dear ones. Young members of The Naga Blog decided to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by setting out on a journey to help the fire victims in the two remote villages – Yakshu and Yangkhao of Mon district.The relief […]

Don’t give up, God is for you

Research shows the same Top Ten New Year resolutions crop up every year. Why? It’s obvious. Because they’re just so hard to keep! While a lot of people who make new year resolutions do break them, research also shows that making resolutions is useful.. People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to […]

2011 – Another Year of “Unfinished Business”

The year 2011 started in great earnest, anticipation and hope for the ad-hoc teachers serving under the school education department. This was so because these so called ad-hoc teachers had been waiting for their service regularization for the last many years and some developments in the school education department at the end of the year […]

Incipit: Moves like no other Naga rock band

If you have heard of a very judicious rendition of ‘Moves like Jagger’ (Maroon 5) doing the rounds in the state, you should know that the band in rhythm is ‘Incipit’. Wapong Ozukum, the vocalist has killer chops, and so no wonder he bagged the coveted title of ‘Best Vocalist’ during Hornbill Festival, edition 2010. […]

Finding peace in service

True spirituality lies not just in meditation and mantras but in service and seva, discovers Reena Singh as she talks to people who have spent years doing community service and volunteer work. In all religions, serving people selflessly is high on the list of seva and finds mention in most scriptural texts of the world. […]

Arcane Aspirations

We all had an ambition once in our childhood; some of us have changed that towards something else, and some still hold onto it. At some junctures, some have drastically tainted their inclinations. The same thing happened to me, as I did not find the way as it should be.Nagas have global aspirations, we should […]

The Naga Blog

How does RTI help in curbing corruption in Nagaland?(Related to Joshua Sheqi’s write up in the newspapers published on 14th Dec’11)Kekhrie Sorhie: YouthNet members have been warned on several occasions by many affected officials as per the write up by Joshua Sheqi. Naga Manung: Congrats YouthNet team. Fear not! keep doing the right thing. Oh! how […]

A Breather… But For How Long?

(Left) Man made spring courtesy of PHED department! A woman is seen collecting water at the side of the road at Razhu point, Kohima. (Right) Pipe leakage at Oking Hospital stretch.   An article was published on the 29th November 2011 in the Eastern Mirror and Morung Express daily-“A BREATHER AT LAST” by one Mr. […]