One night with the hunters in a forest

Somewhere in a forest in Mokokchung district The teenage hunter carried the dead wild cat called “Shou” in local dialect. It was a pride for him and he carried it in full view of others just like an Olympian displaying his medal after winning a marathon race. The cat would be immersed in hot water […]

Post Mark – Remembered, Honored, Revived

In the late 1980s, a motley group of youngsters got together with a common love of heavy metal music. Apart from covering songs from the rock acts from the western world, Post Mark (as the group was later called) tried finding their own sound and style. This quest led them to experiment with Manipuri sounds. […]

Energy drinks: simply fuel– or a flavour sensation?

Highly caffeinated energy drinks have become an integral part of a frenzied, workaholic culture in the UK and nearly three-quarters of young people say they drink them regularly. Popular pick-me-ups such as Lucozade Energy and Red Bull deliver a dose of caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee, while their more potent competitors Relentless and […]

Éclair- Illuminating Lives And Touching Souls

They are everywhere, hordes of street children, some of them rag pickers, others working as young maids and helpers with their parents in measly conditions, who romp around the streets all day until they are strong enough to do the heavy jobs and become bread earners.And on the other end, there are so many of […]

‘Tokhu Emong Fest: One Heart…One Spirit’

On November 7, 2011 Kyong Welfare Forum Delhi celebrated Tokhu Emong festival under the theme “One Heart…One Spirit”.  The venue Constitution Club (near India gate), being centrally located had attracted a full packed audience.  It was one of the most colourful extravaganzas of the North East community in Delhi which had attracted thousands of people […]

Social Issues and Discrimination in Nagaland

Political and Social issues are dirty and evil. Are they? I was always told, “Stay away from those issues.” The intention is understood, it means to be on the safer side of the edge. But, for me, it’s so undesirable to wait for my destiny get rotten and finally to be pushed off the border. […]


Dear citizens of Nagaland, the Naga Bloggers dedicate the below two articles to you Dedicated to all the NOSY Naga girls/guys looking out for JUICY gossip, rumours and judging others1 Thessalonians 4:11 –   … "Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!"Quit being the moral police patrolling around […]

The Other Face of Criticism

Strolling around Kohima, through its busy boulevards, hectic bazaars with all sort of commodities, the noise spiraling its waves to all directions, exiting alleys where people were going in and out busy in their own world, frenzied office-goers and last-in-row cab drivers lounging and ambling about, tiny tots going to school and returning with their […]

Corruption your NO counts

The Morung Express asked young Nagas how we can eliminate Corruption from Nagaland. The following responses were garnered from the members of The Naga Blog (Facebook) and also readers of The Morung Express: How can we eliminate Corruption from Nagaland? Imojen Jamir: Corruption is immoral and against the law. However, it seems to have become […]

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