Of love, secrets, and an arranged marriage

Of love, secrets, and an arranged marriage

Books this Weekend IANS Flick through a story of thwarted desires, of love and its loss, of losing and finding oneself, and of falling and learning to rise; read the story of a man whose dead wife’s messages come to him though another woman; read a story around an arranged marriage, where the the twenty-year-old […]

How safe is your Building?

How safe is your Building?

Nzanbeni Okhyopvui Nagas, once known for our hardworking nature and our friendly demeanor, are now fast losing our identity with our depleting work culture and with our dependency on the works of others. Over the years we’ve seen tremendous progress in our neighboring states and also development and the promise of more in our home […]

Rabies- A public health concern

Veterinary Hospital Kohima World Rabies Day – September 28 is observed every year to create awareness among the Public about the importance of Rabies disease.   Rabies is one of the most alarming diseases of dog. It is a fatal disease caused by a bullet shaped virus known as Rhabdo virus. The disease is transmitted […]

Coccodiosis in chicken and its preventive measures

Coccodiosis in chicken and its preventive measures

  Veterinary Hospital Kohima Coccidiosis is the term applied to the diseased condition caused by infection with one or more of the many species of Coccidia. It is a very common disease in chicken. There are two species of coccidiosis in chicken such as caecalcoccidiosis and intestinal coccidiosis. The disease is more common in growing […]

Wealth, career, the purpose of life and fate

Books This Weekend IANS Learn a strategic and practical way to create wealth; flick through easily accessible articles with ideas and wisdom that will help readers in their careers; know methods through which anyone can find their purpose; read stories of those being tested by fate and trials.   The IANS bookshelf has a bunch […]

WANNA CRY: Ransomware that made the world CRY

  Cyber crime is going to be threat #1 for public security in the coming times – was a cliché oft repeated in policing and security establishments in our country. The assumption was that this was a thing of the future and would happen in the days, months and years ahead. However no one in […]

Mastitis in dairy cattle & its preventive measures

Veterinary Hospital Kohima Mastitis is a condition of inflammation of the mammary gland in dairy cow, usually occur due to injury of the teat either due to biting by calf or unhygienic environment in the shed where germs entered the udder of the cow and cause the disease. The disease is caused by various organisms […]


  The virtual world – a place where most is a mirage, an illusion. In that space is a much used public application – WhatsApp. This is a platform where a large number of citizens meet on a virtual platform and exchange ideas, information, news and happenings. The use of WhatsApp in a short space […]

Ascites in Dogs and its preventives measures

Veterinary Hospital Kohima Accumulation of watery fluid in the peritoneal cavity is referred to as Ascites. The disease may result from various conditions such as cardiac, hepatic or renal diseases, or due to various parasitic and infectious diseases.   Signs and Symptoms of Ascites 1. Enlarged abdomen   2. Rib bones becomes very prominent   […]

Detoxifying the brain through Kapalbhati

Anil K. Rajvanshi IANS   Kapalbhati is a part of Pranayam kriya where one forcefully exhales rapidly and in short bursts. Practitioners claim that it helps in cleaning lungs and in exercising the abdomen muscles. It is, therefore, recommended for reducing tummy fat.   The word Kapalbhati means skull illumination. Yogis claim that practicing it […]

SHARE MARKET FRAUDS: Investment & Investors at Risk

SHARE MARKET FRAUDS: Investment & Investors at Risk

Varun Kapoor, IPS Additional Director General of Police, Narcotics and PRTS, Indore   The share market a place where dreams are made and dreams are often dashed and broken too! A place where people invest their hard earned savings with the expectation of enhanced and improved returns. Generally it is observed that citizens of India […]

Of Mughals and Marathas, spirituality and Calcutta

Books this weekend   IANS Flick through a historical saga that brings to life the complex and ever-shifting dynamics between two arch enemies — the Mughals and the Marathas; examine the nature of a spiritual search through a series of illuminating conversations between a teacher and a student; go through a compassionate take on the […]