Nobel Laureates call for action on climate change

London, July 4 (IANS) Comparing the threat of climate change with that of nuclear war, a group of over 30 Nobel laureates have called upon the nations of the world to take decisive action to limit future global emissions. [google_ad_728_90_text] “So far we have avoided nuclear war though the threat remains. We believe that our […]

At Hello Curry, taste and then pay by weight!

Mohammed Shafeeq IANS   In the midst of gleaming towers of software giants and five-star hotels in Hitec City here is a eatery unique in more ways than one – you can taste the dishes before ordering and then pay by weight at 50 paise per gram! For instance, you can pick two to three […]

Christopher Lee: A stellar career from Dracula to Saruman

Ankit Sinha IANS   From my earliest childhood memories, one image which remains etched deep within my subconscious is that of the foreboding aura of Dracula. The feared vampire of Bram Stoker’s eponymous novel was brought alive on screen in 1958 by the legendary Christopher Lee – an actor who defined the horror genre in […]

Bangalore Open Air 2015 brings taste of heavy metal

Ankit Sinha IANS   India’s only dedicated open air heavy metal music festival, the Bangalore Open Air (BOA), is back in its heaviest and loudest avatar yet. Started in 2012, the festival, which aims to bring the best heavy metal artists from the world to India, will feature 32 bands over a period of seven […]

Cheat sheet to set trend during summer

IANS   Rummaging your closet to pick a perfect outfit to conquer the simmering sun before stepping out in summer? Ditch the usual denims and tops for long and flowing maxi dresses or crop tops to make a style statement and beat the summer heat with style.   If a dull umbrella or a scarf […]

Need to step up fight against smokeless killer

Need to step up fight against smokeless killer

IANS   Wrapped inside betel leaves and placed in the corner of the mouth, chewing tobacco has been a practice in India for centuries.   While there is certainly an increased awareness in terms of the harmful effects this could have on health, the medical fraternity is very much concerned about the growing number of […]

Book Review

Book Review

A short stories book by Petevilie Chasie “The Other Side of the Moon & The Odd couple” is a book which will take you to a place which seem all too familiar to you. There are two stories in the book. The first story “The Other Side of the Moon”is set in a village, Khonoma, […]

Indian TV shows ‘leap’ ahead for freshness

IANS   Old characters become ‘older’, new characters add a fresh charm and a twist in the storyline refreshes viewers’ interest – the small screen’s time-tested ‘leap’ formula has returned with shows like “Comedy Nights With Kapil”, “Bharat Ka Veer Mahaputra – Maharana Pratap” and “Diya Aur Baati Hum”.   Once popular with TV tsarina […]

‘Entopreneurs’ feed growing appetite for edible insects

‘Entopreneurs’ feed growing appetite for edible insects

The Associated Press   They hop. They crawl. They squirm. And they could be coming to a dinner plate near you. An increasing number of “entopreneurs” are launching businesses to feed a growing appetite for crickets, mealworms and other edible insects.   These upstarts are trying to persuade more Americans to eat bugs, which can […]

The Honest Internship Resume

Once a year, college students reluctantly admit that maybe they should start thinking about where they’re going to end up working, and that perhaps they should start applying to different internship programs, or whatever. “Cause their roommate has like totally applied to three or something and their mom keeps asking them if they’re coming home […]

What a Handshake Smells Like

What a Handshake Smells Like

A new paper argues that the gesture may have evolved to allow people to judge one another’s scent signals Carri Romm In 2010, to prepare its dealers for the launch of a new sales promotion, the U.K. arm of Chevrolet commissioned Geoffrey Beattie, a professor of psychology at the University of Manchester, to devise a […]

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