A world where multi-polarity is still more theoretical than real

A world where multi-polarity is  still more theoretical than real

Rohingya refugees arrive to the Bangladeshi side of the Naf river after crossing the border from Myanmar, in Palang Khali, Bangladesh, in October 2017. (Reuters Photo)   In this, the Ronhingyas have become a particularly friendless people   Garga Chatterjee   The attempted ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas by mostly the Myanmar Army is a […]

FREE THE PRESS: Joint Public Statement of Nagaland Newspapers

FREE THE PRESS:  Joint Public Statement of Nagaland Newspapers

The Newspapers of Nagaland are once again compelled to inform the public about the constant intimidation, pressure and coercion perpetuated against the fourth pillar of democracy through its media houses.   The Nagaland newspapers are the only active and functioning private enterprise in Nagaland, which continue to render public service amidst a faltering infrastructure and […]

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Techniques, Methods And Beyond

Vemedo Jkezo Asst. Prof., Dept. Of Education, St. Joseph’s College Jakhama   Management is the buzzword in today’s parlance of corporate world. The degree of your efficiency in your corporate life depends on your managerial skills that you exhibit and expressed into practical reality. However, for many people, the management of stress has become a […]

Mexico City “bike mayor”

Sophie Hares Thomson Reuters Foundation   Zipping through streets teeming with people and traffic after the earthquake that rocked Mexico City last month, cyclists helped locate collapsed buildings where people might be trapped, and ferried tools and supplies to rescue teams.   In the days after the Sept. 19 disaster, over 1,000 cyclists linked up […]

Fake news is still here, despite efforts by Google & Facebook

Associated Press Nearly a year after Facebook and Google launched offensives against fake news, they’re still inadvertently promoting it — often at the worst possible times.   Online services designed to engross users aren’t so easily retooled to promote greater accuracy, it turns out. Especially with online trolls, pranksters and more malicious types scheming to […]

Searching for a Doctor at 3,000 Metres High

Andrea Vale Inter Press Service   Good healthcare can be hard to get – particularly when one lives on top of a mountain. The road to Porcón in the Cajamarca region of Peru, therefore, is as breathtaking as it is sobering. With every step further into its isolated natural beauty, a group of volunteers sent […]

From tourism to coffee, young Thais blend profit with social good

Thin Lei Win Thomson Reuters Foundation   Six years ago, Somsak “Pai” Boonkam drew up a plan with two villages in northern Thailand for tourists to stay with local families and immerse themselves in hill-tribe culture. The aim was for the villagers to see some financial benefit from their country’s multi-billion-dollar tourism industry.   Pai […]

Balancing the use of Technology

Ms. NzanoKikon Asst. Prof., Dept. of History, St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama   Have you ever wanted to return to a life without 21st century technology? Have you ever thought about returning to nature like William Wordsworth, John Keats and Robert Frost? I believe many people will prefer the 21st century technological age because of its […]

In the Indian Union, is Satyameva Jayte?

Does truth always win?   Garga Chatterjee   BJP, the party of Indian Union Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recently held what it called its National Executive meeting. Here, Narendra Modi was lauded for a ‘peaceful’ solution to the Doklam stand-off over a China controlled Bhutanese claimed territory on which the Indian Union has no claims. […]

The Great Divide

In almost every human society and era of human history, one or the other factor has always caused division amongst the people. During the time when Gandhi went to South Africa as a young lawyer, the phenomenon of ‘Apartheid’ was at its peak where everything was determined by the colour of the skin. In that […]

Herbicide Recommendation for Field Crops

L.K. Baishya, I. Walling and D.J. Rajkhowa ICAR RC for NEH Region, Nagaland Centre, Medziphema   Herbicides tested for selectivity and recommended for effective weed control across crops in the country and those fairly available in the market have been summarized in    

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