Theatre Trip to Beijing

As a 2nd year student of National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi, I had the opportunity to attend the "Asian Theatre School Meet" from 17th to 22nd May, 2011, at Beijing, China. The festival, precisely named as "Asian Theatre Education Centre," was hosted by Central Academy of Drama, the most prestigious theatre school in […]

Integration Question

Close to the heels of Communist Party of India taking a parochial stand in stopping Nagaland chief minister, Neiphiu Rio and other NPF legislators from entering Manipur, AB Bardhan, CPI general secretary dissected Rio’s statement at Senapati. Bardhan was quoted saying that Rio said something ‘not favourable to the integrity of Manipur’. He also went […]

HIV/AIDS at the UN: Battleground of the war on drugs

Numerous campaigns have recently called for a fundamental rethink of global drugs policy and for the urgent scale up of HIV prevention for people who inject drugs. Harm Reduction International’s Damon Barrett is of the view that the UN High Level Meeting on AIDS will show just how far from reasoned drug polices we really […]

The Kremlin, the billionaire and the liberal opposition

Businessman Mikhail Prokhorov recently became leader of the moribund party “Right Cause.” The Kremlin clearly had a hand in this and billionaires are increasingly expected to take on tasks the government finds difficult, but President Medvedev is also keen to demonstrate that liberal ideas are alive and kicking in Russia, explains Dmitry Travin.About the authorDmitri […]

Why poor rural tribals will remain poor for generations

A new survey by the Chronic Poverty Research Centre identified 15 regions spread over six states where poverty is getting concentrated and chronic, and found that tribal and forested areas are likely to remain poor, with the decline in poverty among the rural tribal population going from 51.9% to just 47.3%Poverty is becoming hereditary in […]

Mission Calling

TODAY I RESIGN MY LIFE TO YOU Composed on 12th  September 1997, Hong Kong The Faithful Witness, Oh Christ, the Firstborn from the dead, You are the Ruler over the kings of the earth; You loved us and washed us from our sins in Your own blood, And made us kings and priests to rule […]

Civility & Civic Sense

Come out of a savage state, refine, enlighten and elevate in social and cultural life, taking an active interest in the community’s needs and affairs of a town or a city, with civic pride by performing the duties and  responsibilities to the best of ability i.e. civility and civic sense.Civility is the act of showing […]

W H Y O N L Y 1 0 , 0 0 0 ?

I began writing this article sitting in the Guest room of Aphrezo & Sylvia Krose. They live in the largely Russian populated area of Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. After attending the 4-day Asia Lausanne Congress on Evangelism from June 1-4, 2011, I spent an extra 3 days with them to encourage and be encouraged by the […]

Music as an industry in Nagaland?

The Government of Nagaland foresees ‘Music as an Industry’ understandably with knowledge of: a rich reservoir of musical talents, music being a cultural heritage, employment generation, promotion of culture and attraction of tourism and so on and so forth.  And in order to achieve this vision, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of […]


Amos the Eight Century Prophet emphatically declared specific message to Israel through the Hebrew words-(Mispat) justice; (Sedaqa) righteousness.The rich enjoyed an indolent and indulgent existence (Amos 4:1). The poor were the legal victims and tempting target and for economic exploitation. Meanwhile, religion flourished in the nation, Amos was commissioned to announce the word of the […]

Mystical Medicine

Traditionally, Ayurveda was the dominant form of healing in India. Ayurveda promotes the use of medicinal herbs, diet, minerals and aromas to restore health, but the philosophy behind the use of these valuable remedies is based on energetic medicine rather than on the conventional science of nutritional medicine. In energetic medicine, the focus is on […]

Death Of A Terrorist (The Beginning Of Retribution)

Death is a reality which often infuses fear into the minds of naïve and timid people. Truth is very few fears to die and few fears to sin. We live in an age where the sin of terrorism is at its worst and the situation of the present only predicts about the uncertainty of the […]