A ‘difficult' state

A police operation in the jungles of Timapuram (Chhattisgarh) lasts for six days affecting three villages and leaving an estimated 300 burnt homes, and killings and rape in its wake. A whole week after it ends, the first first-hand newspaper reports from the affected villages appear. Meanwhile the highest circulated newspaper in the state has […]

Earth Day Space

Do not hunt animals, birds and all creatures to save our environment! Drawing by Jevito, Class 6,Great Commission Kids Academy, Dimapur  _______________________________ Creation and Destruction God created our worldThis astonishing beauty!Does this beauty still exist?Sweet tears of joyOnce flowed from the mountainsWhite puffs of smokeOnce filled the skyFrom the heavenly express But now her own […]

Cross cultural marriages: Beware or Bedazzled?

A few days back I visited a local tribal church in Nagaland –which was packed to full house to listen to a popular speaker of international repute. He started off his Sunday morning message warning the church about the dangers of Cross cultural marriages. How it just can’t work in the North eastern context. To […]

Web’s identity crisis: Tool of freedom or repression?

From Twitter to WikiLeaks, we must balance openness and safety The same Internet that has empowered freedom-starved people across the Middle East to unseat despots is the same one that enabled Julian Assange, with just a keystroke on his WikiLeaks site, to put countless lives at risk through the dissemination of thousands of stolen, classified […]

Earth Day Space

PRAYER for the World! Lord, help us to keep the worldAs green and as beautiful as you created it! By Tsunolam, Class 9A, Pilgrim School, Dimapur

It's a civilian coup d'état

The inclusion of ‘civil society’ representatives in the drafting committee of the Lok Pal Bill raises several discomfiting questions. Where are we headed as a nation? Since RTI campaigner Arvind Kejriwal was micro-managing Anna Hazare’s drive for a Lok Pal Bill conforming to one drafted by select activists claiming to represent civil society, and as […]

My brain made me buy it

Can’t get out of the shopping mall until your wallets get thin or instinctively found yourself dashing into a shop at the glance of a hanging T-Shirt? Ever felt your memory decoded and you simply responded to the price tag?  From our genetic make-up to the layout of the shopping centre, the science of shopping […]


Earth Day SpaceInitiated by Resource Centre _______________________________________ Glass Painting Manphe, Class 10,Little Star Higher Sec. School, Dimapur.     _______________________________________   If I Can Teach If I can make the world a homeWhere people would like with lovePlant trees and butterfliesAnd snow white turtle doves If I can teach to save the worldAnd unite the people […]

Dream Makes You A Leader!

We have read and heard the greatest man of the 18th Century, Abraham Lincoln, US President of the 18th Century. Who persisted in his political career to fulfilled one of his most important dreams that the Almighty God had put in his heart. Once in a city of America, he encountered countless of black people […]

Is Your Children's Intelligence At Risk?

Today’s subject is considered a controversial one. But I am confident that you have enough brain power to examine the evidence thoughtfully and come to a valid conclusion. My job will be to present the facts. Your job will be to think it through and decide for yourself. Is the intelligence of Naga children at […]

The surprising factors behind Asia’s renaissance

As Asia reemerges on the world stage in this century, its civilizational origins will become a subject of intense study and debate. Asians are rediscovering their own past and deriving inspiration from it for the future. This inspiration covers all fields including governance, scientific inquiry, architecture, wellness, and aesthetics. A tremendous burst of creative adaptation […]

The Challenge of Peace for the Nagas

In his 2011 New Year message, S. Singnya, the President of the ‘Federal Government of Nagaland/ Naga National Council’ (FGN/NNC) declared,After several rounds of reconciliation meets and the declaration of unconditional unity, I strongly believe that the present peaceful Naga society will never again be called a fratricidal society, regardless of the past. The Naga […]