The Fateful Night

When Rio in darkness was searching for light,None had foreseen destinies unquestionable might,Wasn’t in contemplation even in nightmares,Lo & Behold! See where nature dares! A pinnacle of Glory, the Naga Pride,Where the Destiny of Eight CMs were tried,World dignitaries with affection were received,This monument will ever remain, we believed! From the flicker to flames, a quick transition,All […]

The young must get their due from the state

Adolescence, the transitional period between youth and maturity, can be a thrilling time for girls and boys. It is a time of physical and mental growth when the young learn, create, and dream about creating a better world. All around the world we find vibrant youth, brimming with energy as learn the skills that will […]

The need for a balanced development policy

Development is and always has been a highly contested field. In the quest to find a solution to the issues of global poverty, approaches within development aid range from large scale schemes to smaller scale grass-roots programs while questions regarding legitimacy, effectiveness and aid use are the norm. With the increasing popularity of microfinance the […]

The people’s web: Russia’s citizen bloggers

Over the course of 2010, the Russian Internet (RuNet) confirmed itself as a semi-free and vibrant political environment, possible to manipulate but impossible to control. Overall Internet penetration in Russia grew significantly: June’s figures reported 42% of Russians now have access to the web, which translates into near-total coverage of certain sectors (e.g. the metropolitan […]

Al Jazeera Forced Off the Air by Mubarak

AMY GOODMAN: Al Jazeera English, by the way, is now reporting up to two million people in and around Tahrir Square. And, of course, there are protests all over Egypt.Speaking of Al Jazeera English, we turn now to our next guest. Al Jazeera English, the satellite network that’s been providing on-the-ground coverage of the rebellion […]

Drop the Case Against Assange

It is time for the United States to drop the case against WikiLeaks. Pressing forward with efforts to prosecute an Internet publisher at home while standing up for an open Internet in Egypt and the world at large is an increasingly tenuous position. The WikiLeaks case endangers the reputation of the United States as a […]

The politics of fearlessness

An anti-government protester sits inside a burnt out car near Tahrir Square, the center of anti-government demonstrations, in Cairo, Egypt. A sense of normalcy began to return to the capital of some 18 million people, which has been largely closed since chaos erupted shortly after the protests began on Jan. 25. (AP Photo)   New […]

Social democracy: in crisis the world over

Social democracy is in crisis the world over. From Sweden to Germany, from Britain to the Netherlands and from Australia to Canada and New Zealand – just at the moment that the neo-liberal hegemony falters, social democrats find their legs too are buckling.  There are two profound reasons.First many parties of social democracy were profoundly […]

Reflections on Political Violence

The best political speech I ever heard was delivered by the late Paul Foot, scion of one of England’s great radical and socialist families, at the Oxford Union in the late 1960s. The motion before the house was in favor of the African National Congress and its decision to renew "armed struggle" against the white […]

A world without borders William Gomes

I dream a world without fear, hatred, tears, soldiers and borders. I dream a world full people, full with love seeking for justice and peace. In future I don’t want to see any military debacle as the Pakistan army and their local agents’ raped 200,000 women and killed over 3 million Bangladeshi people during the […]

To be Strong

To be strong when fragments of pain surround me, like wild fire raging me to pieces & ashes, when loneliness consumes me whole, breaking me apart in silence. When love fails me, again and again decieve me, when i stop feeling completely, and my thoughts are stormy blue. To hold on and to gather myself, […]


In pursuance of the Naga Club memorandum on 10th Jan. 1929, the whole Naga Hills were left as Excluded Area by the House of Common, known as British India Act 1935.The British India Government and Queen of England appointed and authorized Robert Reid, the Governor of Assam province to be the Care-Taker of Excluded Area, […]