Identity of the Nagas in Crisis

This land of ours is a gift from God and we are to honor Him by forsaking the evils that entices us. The traditional values and cultures that we boast of are of little importance as far as the security and the dignity of our nation is concerned. The efforts that are made to preserve […]

Infrastructural Deficit

‘School for government’! The graffiti was written on the wall of one of the government lower primary schools in the hill districts of Manipur. It was written in dark charcoal. A dilapidated structure standing in the middle of the village; the walls are gone; so have the tin roofs and the floorings of the four […]

What does President Barack Obama really believe?

Quick quiz: In one sentence, describe FDR’s political philosophy. Good, now summarize Reaganism. Pretty easy, right?OK, do the same for President Obama. Still thinking? Don’t worry, Mr. Obama is, too. And that’s bad news for all of us. Because no matter how you feel about Obama, his lack of clear philosophical values is not only […]

Letting Go Takes Love

To let go does not mean to stop caring,it means I can’t do it for someone else.To let go is not to cut myself off,it’s the realization I can’t control another.To let go is not to enable,but allow learning from natural consequences.To let go is to admit powerlessness, which meansthe outcome is not in my […]

Reminiscence of a Manipuri Princess

Newmai News Network (NNN): Being born in a royal family, tell me the advantages that you had in your life? Binodini: I am first of all proud of my heritage. Whatever I had achieved or what I am today is due to, say, not in a royal family but being born in Manipur. The royal […]

The Volcano beneath South Sudan

The referendum for independence of South Sudan concluded on January 15th.  The popular mandate catapulted a collective dream toward the much awaited freedom, off the yoke of a presumptively terrorist state Sudan. The referendum came exactly five years after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was accorded in 2005 between a cornered Government of Sudan and South […]

The supreme supergroup that never was

There’s something tantalising and frustrating about the idea of musical megastars wandering around recording studios, passing each other in the corridors and toilets, chatting away, but not collaborating. What would have happened if they had got together? For instance, when Pink Floyd were recording The Piper at the Gates of Dawn in 1967 in Studio […]

To save the tiger, save jungle

Last Tuesday it was Gurgaon. On Wednesday, it happened on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. On Thursday, it was near Guwahati. By the time January is out, the toll can only be anticipated to multiply. On an average three to four leopards are mercilessly beaten to death every week by bloodthirsty villagers. Some die in accidents […]

Urgent need to focus on agro chemical industry

Government of India has once again increased the price of petrol, which obviously indicates that it is clueless about the strategies for maintaining the price of petrol and other petroleum fuel in India.  The Indian chemical Industries should realize that such conditions only point to the grim ground realities and  it would be a calculated […]

Sudan needs English to build bridges between North & South

Southern Sudanese women receive skills training at the Abu Shouq internally displaced people’s camp north of Darfur. (Photograph: ALBERT GONZALEZ FARRAN/AFP)   Last week the population of South Sudan went to the polls to decide whether to separate from the North, potentially becoming Africa’s newest country. The people and politicians of the South have been […]

Has Berlusconi reached the end of the road?

With their typical and incurable penchant for over dramatisation, the Italian media and many political commentators had dubbed December 14, 2010 “the day of reckoning”. Many firmly believed that, on that fateful day, the Berlusconi Government would lose a vote of confidence and be compelled to resign, thus finally ushering in a new political era.The […]

Boy, 13, the public face of Australian floods

Jordan Rice was on the way back from a trip to buy a school uniform for the new term when, standing on the roof of his mother’s car at a little after two o’clock on the afternoon of January 10, he made his choice. That he couldn’t swim and must have been terrified as floodwaters […]