Unfolding of Nagaland

It was by chance that a rare opportunity came my way to visit Nagaland. Born and brought up in the South, in a cozy, familiar set up, the very idea of a journey lasting three days in the train was a jolt-quite hard to stomach. However, I had the joy of traveling with a friendly […]

Patriarch Of Naga Politics- R.C. Chiten Jamir: A Eulogy

(From left) Hokishe Sema, K. Akum  Imlong, Dhouthipru Vasa, M. Kithan, P. Shilu Ao, R.C. Chiten Jamir, J.B Jasokie, N.L. Odyuo. (DIPR File Photo)   Jongpongchitten, popularly known as R.C. Chiten Jamir, is no more. A congress ideologue, veteran politician and a statesman has passed away on 20th March 2011. A congressman to the core, […]

Comprehensive Health Bible Style

God created man in His image—a threefold being with physical, mental and moral natures. These three natures all interact with one another and affect one another intimately. One’s physical health affects one’s mental and moral health. One’s mental state, including one’s attitudes, beliefs, and level of contentment, affect the physical and moral health. And one’s […]

World Cup Cricket 2011- Mid- Tournament Analysis

World Cup Cricket is no longer as exciting as it was once before, mainly because of the introduction of drama-filled T-20 format, specially the high profile and cash- rich Indian Premier League. However, any international cricket event in the sub-continent is an exciting affair, so is world cup 2011. There is no surprise package in […]

The Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act 1989

”THE DEAD ELEPHANT”This year also, it is budget season time, and a few questions may be asked from the benches on the Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act 1989. This is pertinent. It is like a dead elephant, which died immediately following its capture from the wild, with the hope to help its master. It died […]

Agricultural and marketing quality

The purpose of state regulation of agricultural markets is to protect farmers from the exploitation of intermediaries and traders and also to endure better prices and timely payment for their produce. Over a period time, these markets provide no help in direct and free marketing, organized retailing and smooth raw marketing, organized retailing and smooth […]

Libya: Obama's Iraq moment?

TEL AVIV – United States President Barack Obama is in a major predicament over Libya. His lack of enthusiasm for a military campaign against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces, evident in his pointed silence on the issue for most of last week, found new justification on Sunday when the Arab League condemned the killing of "civilians" […]

Church and the Seen Sin and Unseen Sin

SIN, whether seen or unseen, is generally understood and accepted as the same thing, particularly by Christians, whose faith is built on redemption from the inevitable doom of sin. It has direct relevance to the Christian faith compared to the other faiths where, what we otherwise consider to be an act of sin is propagated […]

‘Neither with the West, nor against it’

A large Muslim country is overwhelmed by strikes and demonstrations. This pillar of US regional policy is damaged by authoritarian rule and its resources are looted by the president’s family; there is social and economic crisis; Washington abandons an old ally and the US Secretary of State calls on a dictator to stand down and […]


Enemy of righteousness Corruption of the soul The seed of destruction The tool of the evil one A disease passed on From generation to generations The mark of the condemned The sign of death Weapon of destruction Over of the wicked Let it not creep into you It has the power to destroy you Resist […]

Counterpoint on Myanmar's transition

As demonstrators from Tunis to Cairo to Tripoli wonder if their revolutions will succeed, Myanmar remains an unfortunate poster child for what happens when revolutions go wrong. With a population equal in size to the United Kingdom, and a per capita income of less than US$2 per day, Myanmar has suffered under military rule since […]

More than 50 years of Shan Struggle

Twenty armed groups are now operating in Shan State, 53 years after the Shan started an armed resistance movement against the Burmese regime.The reasons behind the Shan uprising were essentially the same as other ethnic groups: inequality in political and administrative matters. It would not be wrong to blame a succession of Burmese leaders for […]