The supreme supergroup that never was

There’s something tantalising and frustrating about the idea of musical megastars wandering around recording studios, passing each other in the corridors and toilets, chatting away, but not collaborating. What would have happened if they had got together? For instance, when Pink Floyd were recording The Piper at the Gates of Dawn in 1967 in Studio […]

To save the tiger, save jungle

Last Tuesday it was Gurgaon. On Wednesday, it happened on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. On Thursday, it was near Guwahati. By the time January is out, the toll can only be anticipated to multiply. On an average three to four leopards are mercilessly beaten to death every week by bloodthirsty villagers. Some die in accidents […]

Urgent need to focus on agro chemical industry

Government of India has once again increased the price of petrol, which obviously indicates that it is clueless about the strategies for maintaining the price of petrol and other petroleum fuel in India.  The Indian chemical Industries should realize that such conditions only point to the grim ground realities and  it would be a calculated […]

Sudan needs English to build bridges between North & South

Southern Sudanese women receive skills training at the Abu Shouq internally displaced people’s camp north of Darfur. (Photograph: ALBERT GONZALEZ FARRAN/AFP)   Last week the population of South Sudan went to the polls to decide whether to separate from the North, potentially becoming Africa’s newest country. The people and politicians of the South have been […]

Has Berlusconi reached the end of the road?

With their typical and incurable penchant for over dramatisation, the Italian media and many political commentators had dubbed December 14, 2010 “the day of reckoning”. Many firmly believed that, on that fateful day, the Berlusconi Government would lose a vote of confidence and be compelled to resign, thus finally ushering in a new political era.The […]

Boy, 13, the public face of Australian floods

Jordan Rice was on the way back from a trip to buy a school uniform for the new term when, standing on the roof of his mother’s car at a little after two o’clock on the afternoon of January 10, he made his choice. That he couldn’t swim and must have been terrified as floodwaters […]

Prophetic message to the world

While fasting and praying at Healing centre Pughoboto on 19/11/2010, time 9:36 am God revealed His prophetic message through His servant, the prophetic conveying to the world. Motto: Mathew 5:9. Deut 12:31/ 32:24. Mabakkuk 2:2-3. Amos 3:7. The word of God expressly says:-1.    “The Lord has given all his hidden wisdom and knowledge. Great and […]

Indigenous Peoples' Involvement in National Politics

Summary, Strategies, Recommendations General SummaryIndigenous peoples in all regions face similar problems concerning their involvement in national politics. The summary of this current state of things is as follows: 1. Most indigenous peoples are marginalized. Their land and resources are being systematically and unjustly taken away, mainly by governments, multinational companies, and business groups. They […]

What is self-determination?

What is most widely implied in the term self-determination is the right to participate in the democratic process of governance and to influence one’s future – politically, socially and culturally. Self-determination embodies the right for all peoples to determine their own economic, social and cultural development. Self-determination has thus been defined by the International Court […]

Joyless homecoming

A bumpy ride from North Tripura’s Kanchanpur to Naisingpara — the largest settlement of Bru refugees in Tripura – brings one face-to-face with the trauma of thousands of Bru refugees who have been living there for 13 years now. Way back in 1997, almost 50,000 people from the Bru community fled from the Mammit district […]

Judicial confusion, governmental inaction and illegal immigration

The State of Arunachal Pradesh is currently facing a crisis as illegal Chakma immigrants from Bangladesh continue to arrive surreptiously in the state. The situation is complicated by the imprecise language of the Supreme Court decision in National Human Rights Commission v. State of Arunachal Pradesh, which is often mistakenly interpreted as granting citizenship to […]