Serious in Singapore

I am in the Gan Eng Seng Primary School in a middle-class neighborhood of Singapore, and the principal, A. W. Ai Ling, has me visiting a fifth-grade science class. All the 11-year-old boys and girls are wearing junior white lab coats with their names on them. Outside in the hall, yellow police tape has blocked […]

Challenges of developing a dengue vaccine

In 18th century America, it came to be called “break bone fever,” a grim testament to the excruciating pain the sufferers experience. Dengue, according to the World Health Organisation, is the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world. In the last five decades, the incidence has jumped 30-fold. The disease is now endemic […]

Sign of the end days

The picture was taken through mobile phone in the year 2010 between the months of March to November   I am Smti. Ayinla Rawther from Yimchunger Community married to a Keralian and presently living in Pandalam, Kerala. Before leaving Nagaland I had the opportunity of serving in Yimchunger Baptist Church Kohima as Woman Pastor for […]

The Greatest

Left, 1. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). From top left, 2. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), 3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 91). 4. Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828). From middle left, 5. Claude Achille Debussy (1862 – 1918), 6. Igor Stravinsky (1882 – 1971), 7. Johannes Brahms (1833 – 97). From bottom left, 8. Giuseppe Verdi (1813 […]

Karmapa seen as future leader

The debate over who will succeed the Dalai Lama as the spiritual leader of Tibetans has intensified. Beijing is backing the Panchen Lama, but Tibetans prefer the Karmapa Lama. Zhou Enlai’s famous reply “It’s too early to say” when Mr Henry Kissinger asked him about the impact of the French Revolution showed how far ahead […]

Political groups urged to reconcile

The Naga struggle for self determination has entered the annals of history as one of the world’s longest freedom movement today. Apart from their God-given love for independent life, the seed of self determination was sown in 1918, followed by a people’s charter for freedom submitted to the Simon Commission of British Empire in 1929. […]

A vibrant Nagaland of diverse tribes, cultures, colour

President Pratibha Devisingh Patil along with her husband being felicitated during a public reception at Kisama on March 10,2011. Also seen in the picture is Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio. (Sorei Mahong Photo)   I am delighted to be in Kohima, the beautiful capital of Nagaland. The warm, colorful and proud population of this State along […]

Unstringing China's strategic pearls

Ever since the term "String of Pearls" was coined by a team of experts at United States-based consultancy Booz Allen in 2004, journalists and academics have overplayed China’s supposedly malevolent involvement with countries along its Sea Lines of Communication (SLOC), which stretch from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean. For them it was […]

This time, the revolution won’t leave us behind

Arab women have been crucial midwives in the revolutions that have shattered the status quo in the Middle East. A first voice of the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia was the sister of Mohamed Bouazizi, the young man who immolated himself and set off the protests. In Mr. Bouazizi’s town of Sidi Bouzid, “Of all those […]

In India's forgotten diseases, an opportunity

India has the extraordinary opportunity to link its leading government research institutes and pharmaceutical companies in a unique public private partnership to address the diseases of the poor throughout South Asia.Despite India’s dramatic modernisation over the last decade, it remains “ground zero” for some of the world’s most dreaded tropical diseases. A recent report in […]

Office, home and dynamism

Human mind is, perhaps, the greatest creation of God and that is why man is superior to all other divine creations. God has skilfully designed the human mind creating a superb assemblage of all His choicest faculties. The greatness of a man, therefore, lies in how he utilises those faculties and manages his emotions. He […]