The politics of fearlessness

An anti-government protester sits inside a burnt out car near Tahrir Square, the center of anti-government demonstrations, in Cairo, Egypt. A sense of normalcy began to return to the capital of some 18 million people, which has been largely closed since chaos erupted shortly after the protests began on Jan. 25. (AP Photo)   New […]

Social democracy: in crisis the world over

Social democracy is in crisis the world over. From Sweden to Germany, from Britain to the Netherlands and from Australia to Canada and New Zealand – just at the moment that the neo-liberal hegemony falters, social democrats find their legs too are buckling.  There are two profound reasons.First many parties of social democracy were profoundly […]

Reflections on Political Violence

The best political speech I ever heard was delivered by the late Paul Foot, scion of one of England’s great radical and socialist families, at the Oxford Union in the late 1960s. The motion before the house was in favor of the African National Congress and its decision to renew "armed struggle" against the white […]

A world without borders William Gomes

I dream a world without fear, hatred, tears, soldiers and borders. I dream a world full people, full with love seeking for justice and peace. In future I don’t want to see any military debacle as the Pakistan army and their local agents’ raped 200,000 women and killed over 3 million Bangladeshi people during the […]

To be Strong

To be strong when fragments of pain surround me, like wild fire raging me to pieces & ashes, when loneliness consumes me whole, breaking me apart in silence. When love fails me, again and again decieve me, when i stop feeling completely, and my thoughts are stormy blue. To hold on and to gather myself, […]


In pursuance of the Naga Club memorandum on 10th Jan. 1929, the whole Naga Hills were left as Excluded Area by the House of Common, known as British India Act 1935.The British India Government and Queen of England appointed and authorized Robert Reid, the Governor of Assam province to be the Care-Taker of Excluded Area, […]

Jhum cultivation must stay with us!!!

These days, Jhum cultivation also known as ‘slash and burn method of cultivation’, ‘shifting cultivation’ etc has been under continuous scanner for its productivity and ecological viability. This form of cultivation is followed widely in almost all the North Eastern States including the hill areas of Manipur. There are those who consider jhum cultivation as […]

Strategic thinker par excellence

Intellectual progenitor of the Indian nuclear weapons programme and by far the most influential strategic thinker of his own and subsequent generations, K. Subrahmanyam’s enduring contribution was the coherent intellectual framework he helped provide for the country’s foreign and security policies in a world buffeted by uncertainty and changing power equations.He died in New Delhi […]

60% of people living with HIV in India die due to TB

Sixty per cent of people living with HIV in India are losing their life because of a preventable and curable cause: tuberculosis (TB). India’s largest network of people living with HIV (Indian Network of people living with HIV – INP+) held a meeting recently with Cepheid, and Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), the co-developers […]

Overcoming examination phobia

“Mummy, I feel I’m getting fever.” “I don’t like to appear exam tomorrow.” “Sir, I knew every answer but I don’t know why I could not write anything properly.” “Madam, my head is aching, I can’t write. I am thirsty. Please give me a glass of water.” Such are the common pre-exam or exam-time episodes […]

Peace Talks issues in Cordillera, Philippines

Now that the negotiating panels in the peace talks between the GRP and the NDFP have agreed to resume formal negotiations starting February this year, it is timely that concerted efforts be made to ensure that the issues and concerns of the Cordillera are articulated in the negotiating table specially when they start talking about […]

Mubarak: a leader on the brink

Will he or won’t he go? And if he goes in what circumstances will he do so? Never has there been such acute interest in Egypt and the rest of the world about what goes on inside the head of President Hosni Mubarak. Almost everybody is agreed from street protesters in central Cairo to US […]