Documentary shows dissent in Myanmar military

It is the most vilified army in Southeast Asia, known for crushing pro-democracy demonstrations in Myanmar and for its brutal suppression of ethnic groups seeking self-rule in the region’s longest-running civil war.The 4,00,000-strong army in the former Burma is remarkable for its cohesion, cemented by a system of rewards and punishments, and military analysts have […]

Mounting rage on the roads

India may not have a very high incidence of road rage cases as compared with some of the Western countries, but it is fast emerging as a dangerous trend. It is in essence a reflection of aggression caused by stress while driving. But what is cause for concern is that in most cases it is […]

International Day of Peace

30th January 2011 is being observed as INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE, the day when the Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. On this day, as Indians, we must pledge to spread peace & harmony in our surroundings, society, nation and in the world.It has been noticed that these days people are becoming more […]

Montages Of A Distinctive Land

East Of The Sun is an account by Siddhartha Sarma of his road trip across east Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and into western Myanmar in 2008. He says very clearly that “this is not a tourist guide” but it is an account of his travel. It is a series of anecdotes, observations and facts about the […]

Unfated late memories

(ode to beloved brother Ziekuirang Pütlang)(30th May 1987-18th November 2005) It was on 18 november 2005 that you left.It was only 18 years that you lived.So sudden,so silent,so stoic you left.So muzzy,so fuzzy,so hazy why like you snazzy left early.We ponder why you depart?We wonder why we apart?But couldn’t make diffrence coz’ death  is for […]

The Holocaust & its implications

It was World War II, the most terrible conflict in human history so far, that provided the context in which Auschwitz, the symbol of genocide, could happen, and that war had been initiated by Nazi Germany, largely for ideological reasons: one, the desire to rule Europe, and through it, the world, and thus achieve a […]

Opportunities for investment in Nagaland

I am happy to have this opportunity to present the opportunities for investment in Nagaland. Coming to the issue of investment in the region, I am compelled to express the common concern of the North East States that despite sustained efforts of the DoNER Ministry and the ICC, and the ‘Investor Meets’ held as far […]

Lee Kuan Yew: Man who made Singapore

"So, when is the last leaf falling?" asked Lee Kuan Yew, the man who made Singapore in his own stern and unsentimental image, nearing his 87th birthday and contemplating age, infirmity and loss. "I can feel the gradual decline of energy and vitality," said Lee, whose Singapore model " of economic growth and tight social […]

The winter of Kim Jong-il’s discontent

Riding the wave of missile-and-nuclear tests in 2009, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il capped 2010 with a much-anticipated crowning of his third son as heir and two deadly assaults on his southern neighbor – the sinking of a warship in March and the shelling of an inhabited island in November.By beating against South Korea’s shore, […]

‘I have lost my son, but I am proud of what he did’

The street vendor who set himself alight, sparking an uprising which swept away 23 years of dictatorship in Tunisia and triggered protests across North Africa, had been beaten down by years of poverty and oppression by the authorities, his family told The Independent last night. The mother of the street vendor who set himself on […]

Identity of the Nagas in Crisis

This land of ours is a gift from God and we are to honor Him by forsaking the evils that entices us. The traditional values and cultures that we boast of are of little importance as far as the security and the dignity of our nation is concerned. The efforts that are made to preserve […]

Infrastructural Deficit

‘School for government’! The graffiti was written on the wall of one of the government lower primary schools in the hill districts of Manipur. It was written in dark charcoal. A dilapidated structure standing in the middle of the village; the walls are gone; so have the tin roofs and the floorings of the four […]