The Palestine papers: Al-Jazeera trumps WikiLeaks

While the leaked documents on Middle East negotiations are received in Israel and in the world as incisive evidence of the moderate positions of the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas, the Hamas leadership as well as Abbas’ rivals in Fatah will see the documents as additional proof of what they call the "defeatism" of […]

Top Ten Romantic Novels of the World

Often it’s hard to express love…and when words seem not enough to show how much she/he means for you, the right gift will do all the talking. A classic love story is a best option. The hard philosophic stuffs can take a backseat this Valentine’s season.Love Story: What can you say about a twenty-five year […]

FIRE: Basics, Detection, Prevention and Control

The fire accident which engulfed and razed the official residence of the Chief Minister Nagaland on the evening of 8th Feb 2011 was a very unfortunate incident but it once again serves as an eye opener to all citizens of the potential hazards that fire accident may cause leading to loss of lives and property. […]

Transsexual model on the catwalk

The sizzle in Sao Paolo as it celebrates its winter fashion week has not been about the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen or even the American actor Ashton Kutcher, who have both had their catwalk outings. The brightest paparazzi pops have been reserved, rather, for Lea T, a transsexual making her modelling debut.All of Brazil seems […]

Gujarati and non-Gujarati Muslims – Out of Sync?

Long before Gujarat obtained its statehood in 1960, shores of Bhrigu-Kaccha (modern Bharucha or Broach) used to accommodate merchant vessels from Arabia and Egypt. They brought the first of the Muslims into Gurjarashtra (modern Gujarat), at around 7th century AD. They were not only traders in search of prosperous markets but they also carried missionaries […]

Long and cold nights under the twinkling sky

Children and women were crying while the men were rushing with buckets filled with water to douse the fire which was razing down their dear homes. The cries were louder than the bursting sound of bamboo though the tears were thicker than the smoke of the fire. As the smoke get thicker, the children and […]

Climate change in Nagaland

The issues of Climate and Global Warming have today become the greatest challenge to the human strive for its continued and dignified existence. Climate change was an issue of MITIGATION, which still is a major issue, but more so now is the issue of ADAPTATION. Climate impact has always happened. We had floods, droughts and […]

Too much, it's just too much…

In any case you forgot, there was an Earthquake that struck the NE a few days back. It was then i came across some friends and family members who were joking bout the whole earthquake thing, i got a bunch of SMS bout Rajnikanth and the Earthquake etc etc.. and then on, it struck me […]

The Fateful Night

When Rio in darkness was searching for light,None had foreseen destinies unquestionable might,Wasn’t in contemplation even in nightmares,Lo & Behold! See where nature dares! A pinnacle of Glory, the Naga Pride,Where the Destiny of Eight CMs were tried,World dignitaries with affection were received,This monument will ever remain, we believed! From the flicker to flames, a quick transition,All […]

The young must get their due from the state

Adolescence, the transitional period between youth and maturity, can be a thrilling time for girls and boys. It is a time of physical and mental growth when the young learn, create, and dream about creating a better world. All around the world we find vibrant youth, brimming with energy as learn the skills that will […]

The need for a balanced development policy

Development is and always has been a highly contested field. In the quest to find a solution to the issues of global poverty, approaches within development aid range from large scale schemes to smaller scale grass-roots programs while questions regarding legitimacy, effectiveness and aid use are the norm. With the increasing popularity of microfinance the […]

The people’s web: Russia’s citizen bloggers

Over the course of 2010, the Russian Internet (RuNet) confirmed itself as a semi-free and vibrant political environment, possible to manipulate but impossible to control. Overall Internet penetration in Russia grew significantly: June’s figures reported 42% of Russians now have access to the web, which translates into near-total coverage of certain sectors (e.g. the metropolitan […]