Peace Talks issues in Cordillera, Philippines

Now that the negotiating panels in the peace talks between the GRP and the NDFP have agreed to resume formal negotiations starting February this year, it is timely that concerted efforts be made to ensure that the issues and concerns of the Cordillera are articulated in the negotiating table specially when they start talking about […]

Mubarak: a leader on the brink

Will he or won’t he go? And if he goes in what circumstances will he do so? Never has there been such acute interest in Egypt and the rest of the world about what goes on inside the head of President Hosni Mubarak. Almost everybody is agreed from street protesters in central Cairo to US […]

The fish in your tank that could be the answer to heart disease

A small tropical fish that normally lives in the River Ganges and is commonly found in pet fish tanks could trigger a revolution in the treatment of heart disease and the end of heart-transplant surgery.  Scientists believe that the zebrafish’s astonishing ability to regenerate its cardiac muscle might lead to the discovery of new drugs […]

When Microcredit Won’t Do

If you asked poverty experts to name the single most significant new concept in the field in the last few decades, chances are they would say microcredit.  Microcredit is the lending of very small amounts of money to very poor people to help them invest in things that have the potential to bring income later […]

Wikileaks: Journalism or Espionage?

In setting up WikiLeaks, Julian Assange wanted to bring to light secret agreements between countries. That he succeeded is clear from the number of companies and governments who have tried to shut him downOn 21 January 2010, in an important speech that would not have shamed the founding father of the United States, Hillary Clinton […]

Brief Background Paper on Naga Political History

As you journey to some of the North Eastern States of India during this maiden visit from different states and cities of the Indian sub-continent, you must have seen with your own eyes and felt with your own hearts, the similarities and differences the people of this region has with the rest of the Indian […]

Rejoinder on publication of articles

Three articles which appeared in The Morung Express on January 26, 2011 on this page, viz. ‘Reporting on a struggle means becoming part of it’, ‘Sensible media’ and ‘Media dubs mosque illegal without probe’ first appeared in The Hoot, a media watch site. The photograph is from another source. Our goal is to enable the […]

The National Security State, Secrecy, and The Miss America Pageant

There is no end of bloody mischief done in direct violation of constitutional principles, which mischief has been perpetrated in the name of “national security” and its magic wand—the cult of secrecy. Secrecy has always been around and used by those who for obvious reasons prefer to operate in the dark. However, shunning the light […]

An Open Letter from Korean Civil Society

Most of all, Korean civil society has had an interest constantly on the Pohang Steel Company (POSCO)’s project launched in Orissa. We, Non-governmental Organizations(NGOs) of the Republic of Korea, had visited the State of Orissa, India, and completed to conduct the field research in the year of 2008 and 2010, and also had sent the […]

The political impasse of autonomous district councils in Manipur

The hill, valley divide in Manipur owing to development disparity has already reached a point of territorial disintegration of the state and the United Naga Council has often voiced for severing political ties with Manipur and has been pleading with the Govt. of India for an alternative arrangement. In the meantime other tribes have also […]

Why you should quit Facebook now

In this May, 26, 2010 file photo, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talks in Palo Alto, Calif., about the social network site’s new privacy settings. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP/File) In November 2009, I quit Facebook. I had had an account for about a year, but with my 30th birthday and a cross-country move both looming, I felt […]