The need for new paradigm’s

BACKGROUNDNorth East India (NEI) comprises of 8 states that are straddled by the Eastern Himalayas and are co-joined to the Indian mainland by the narrow 33KM “chicken’s neck” north of Bangladesh. The Eastern Himalayan mountain range forms a 1,500-mile-long barrier that separates the lowlands of the Indian subcontinent from the high, dry Tibetan plateau. The […]

Orissa’s wonder women

There is a check dam in Laxmipur village, R Udayagir gram panchayat, in Orissa’s Gajapati district, which irrigates around 40 acres of land belonging to 70 small and marginal farmers. Premlata Raita, 48, the woman sarpanch of R Udayagir is the person responsible for the dam. Indeed, she has initiated several projects under the Mahatma […]

Five Fingers of Tibet

Mao Zedong, the first Chairman cum President of the independent People’s Republic of China, had spent more time to assess weaknesses of India than Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Premier of independent India, wasted in apprehending China’s strength – whether driven by communism or by nationalism. Nehru’s fantasies with proving ideological supremacy of western liberalism over […]

Changing the face of education

Political analysts may have their own explanations as to what were the factors that thwarted an ‘anti-incumbency’ tide in Bihar and turned it completely in favour of Mr Nitish Kumar, but definitely his approach to education problems in the State played a role. People of Bihar has drafted to dustbin the loudmouths who had ruined […]

Recognizing the state of Palestine

On Jan. 7, Chile extended diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine as a free, independent, and sovereign state. This comes soon after the recent recognitions by Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Ecuador. (In each of those cases, the state of Palestine was recognized explicitly within the full pre-1967 borders, encompassing all of the Gaza Strip […]

Guns and America

The next time you happen to be in Arizona drinking a cool beer with some time on your hands, ask the person along the bar to describe for you the Glock 19. Likelihood is he will know what you’re talking about, as gun ownership rates in Arizona are among the highest in the world. He […]

China Rises, and Checkmates

Hou Yifan, the new women’s world chess champion, is the youngest person, male or female, ever to win a world championship.   If there’s a human face on Rising China, it belongs not to some Politburo chief, not to an Internet tycoon, but to a quiet, mild-mannered teenage girl named Hou Yifan. Ms. Hou (whose […]

Smart, eco-friendly sanitation for all

The technology choice that China made for sanitation and wastewater management has led to not only blistering economic growth but also rapid urbanisation as it helped Beijing reduce GDP loss that poor sanitation bringsThe four storied apartments in Dongsheng District of Erdos Municipality in Inner Mongolia, China look like any apartment, all 825 of them. […]

Hawking kills gods, philosophers

Maybe it is the desire to sell books that makes Stephen Hawking claim the death of God and the death of Philosophy. (If you’re in the UK, you can listen Hawking make this claim here.) M-theory, a variant of string theory, offers many possibe values for the cosmological constants and therefore many possible shapes of […]

Where there are no drugs: TB-HIV dilemma for migrants

In  late October 2010, a large group of people living in and around Mae Sot, Tak province were closing in on a terrible ‘milestone’ of sorts: all of them – over 60 migrant children, women and men – were living with HIV and taking antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, which they needed to stay alive. Some were […]

War-torn childhood of the Lost Boys of Sudan

MEMORIES: Deng-Athoi Galuak in his apartment in Norcross, Georgia, with documents relating to his time in a refugee camp, the first time he has seen them, and Ajak Dau Akech with a hard copy of his refugee identification document. (PHOTOS: AJC-NEW YORK TIMES/AP)   When Deng-Athoi Galuak walked into the refugee camp in Ethiopia, he […]

Birth and Hope

With the dramatic arrival of my baby boy on November 28, 2010, I have finally managed to join the prestigious club of fatherhood riding on an elated hope that this little angel would eventually make his daddy’s head held high in an otherwise ordinary and routine existence. In the twist and turn of life, his […]