Give Blood, Share Life

A DIPR Feature Temjenkaba, Information Assistant The slogan is “Give blood. Share life” Blood transfusion is an essential component of emergency health care. Emergencies increase the demand for blood transfusion and make its delivery challenging and complex. Adequate supply of blood during emergencies requires a well-organized blood service, and this can only be ensured by […]

Thank you for the Dr T Ao Regional Football Academy

Dr T Ao’s family is extremely grateful to everyone involved in the laying function of the Dr T Ao Regional Football Academy Foundation Stone on the 8th June, 2018, instant. Dr T Ao was not a man who promoted himself nor did he seek out favours for personal profit. It was his fans, well-wishers and […]

The Big H20 Conundrum

Elvis Gonsalves Dimapur   It is a Sunday afternoon and Azo is slouched in his cushioned sofa flicking through the channels on his ultra HD LCD TV. IPL. Click. More IPL. Click. Boring Parliament session. Click.   “Why can’t I find something worthy to watch among the 500+ plus channels I pay for?”   He […]


Lolesenu Vitsu Class 9 Little Flower Hr. Sec. School Kohima   A favoured person of mine But anonymous in sight Adored by all, Even when he was alive Years of literacy work Has paid its tribute to him The sweat of his brow Finally has taken a stow; A deep sorrow on your departure The […]

A new breed of citizens

The Voice of the Citizens – Are we using it in the right way?   P David Ndang Kipeuzang Village, Peren Town While understanding the very important aspect of the voice of citizens more specially in a democratic country where the government aims to work for the betterment of every section of the society and […]

Heaven is not the Christian Hope

M Sashi Jamir Associate Professor, Oriental Theological Seminary  Bade Dimapur   What is the belief of Christians? This question though basic is the most crucial questioning that every Christian believer should contemplate today in our context. Christians believe in Jesus Christ and confess that through his death and resurrection we are saved from our sins. […]

Who’s winning the race!

Lanusunep (PhD from Department of Botany, Nagaland University on Medicinal plants)   God has a purpose for every creation and hence, everything, everyone is liable for peaceful and symbiotic co-existence on this planet for proper continuity and sustenance. Throughout the history of civilization, the association between man and plants has been one of the best-bonded […]


Thepflulhouvi Solo One day a woodcutter went to his firewood reserve in the Forest to cut firewood. Sometime after, when the morning Sun was becoming hotter, one Wolf came in great haste and said to the Woodcutter:   “Sir, some hunters are after me, can you please show me a place where I can hide?” […]


Katoho H Keith Sukhalu Chekiye village, Dimapur   At this juncture the global community cannot fathom a world without the World Wide Web, literally nations will come to a standstill, economies will crumble, there will be utter chaos and confusion everywhere even the average person (who nowadays swears by his smart device) will be in […]


A Shyerhunlo Lorin Dimapur, Nagaland   When something goes wrong, you are tempted to criticize the person responsible for it. The temptation to label the person as “careless” is very easy, but the criticism needs to be used as correctional tool without any anger whatsoever.   •  Criticize only in private. To do otherwise would […]

Clarification sought from Dimapur District Administration

Timir Choudhury Dimapur Citizen   This is apropos to the news item published under the caption, “Certificates to non-Naga inhabitant of Dimapur cancelled,” wherein it has been mentioned that all documents pertaining to their citizenship rights has been nullified.   The order has specially mentioned about one particular district of Dimapur where the concentration of […]

Let’s end child labour

12th June is World Day Against Child Labour   Child labour is a common word for many amongst us. It is more common in places where there is poverty.  The term “child labour” is defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and […]