Naga political settlement?

(Vihuto Yepthomi) Ex-General Secy, Naga Hoho In fulfillment of his assurance to solve Naga Political Problem within 18 months with effect from January 2015, Narandra Modi Hon’ble Prime Minister of India harnessed his Interlocutor to work out possible and honourable Naga Political solution and brought out framework Agreement on 3rd August 2015. Though the Framework […]

The Naga foreign legion?

Kahuto Chishi Sumi Dimapur   The French Foreign Legion was formed by France to control their Colonies in North Africa. The problem was that the ordinary French Citizen was reluctant to join a Force which was permanently stationed in the harsh Saharan Deserts of North Africa; so the French Authorities came up with a unique […]

VVPAT (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail)

Temjenkaba A DIPR feature Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) is an independent system attached with the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) that allows the voters to verify that their votes are cast as intended.   The VVPAT is attached to the Ballot Unit of the EVM and both the Ballot Unit and the VVPAT are […]

Open letter to the Department of School Education Nagaland

H. Hokugha Yeptho Achikuchu, Zunheboto   I, the undersigned would like to draw the attention of concerned department and likeminded section of the society on the prevailing system of appointment that I have been faced with while applying for a post of Carpentry Instructor at Government Middle School, Achikuchu under SDEO Aghunato, which became vacant […]

NIA hunt for rats and spares rogue elephants

Khekiye K. Sema, IAS (Retd) This is a fairy tale with an unusual ‘sadly ever after’ ending possibility rather than a “happily ever after” conclusion. It calls for a concerted effort of all concerned Nagas to strengthen the script thus far written to make it end on the usual happier note like all fairy tales […]

Naga Club Kohima Rejects Writer’s Claim

The Naga Club submitted the first ever Naga written representation signed by 20 members to Simon Commission on 10.1.1929 for Naga political aspiration. The signatories belonged to few Naga tribes confined to erstwhile Naga Hills under British administration.   Nevertheless, what the Naga Club members did some 100 years ago was for all the Nagas […]

Nagpur Inter-Faith Declaration on Disability

Ezamo Murry Member, NBCC Committee on disability, Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network,WCC   “We seventy persons including those with Disabilities (PWDs) hailing from different walks of life as clerics, theologians, academicians, practitioners representing the traditions of Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Indigenous community, Islam, Jainism and Sikhism assembled at Nagpur to have an Interfaith Roundtable on Disability […]


Keduovilie Linyü Kohima The most significant feature of the political leaders was the faith that they with an active mind and body was capable of knowing and controlling the world, and fashioning his own success and happiness. Man is the most fortunate of creatures. Human beings are ‘Kings’ of all beings below God and angles […]

Nagas of the South Negotiating “Inclusionary Domination”

Sani Athisü In a recent editorial column in Morung Express, Witoubou Newmai cautions Nagas of the South the dangers of uncritically embracing developmental packages from the Meetei majority government of Manipur. And despite committing redundancy, I have decided to further situate the significance of the discourse. In what Newmai initiated, serves us well to take […]

Time To Educate The Educators

Nellayappan B Principal, Govt. Higher Secondary School, Bhandari Educational institutions throughout our country now pass through a critical phase in their journey of educating children. Ripples of conflicts between teachers and students occupying headlines in the media become more frequent than ever and many people get confused to understand the facts behind the conflicts. The […]

Need of training among teachers in Nagaland in enhancing awareness and attitude towards children with special needs

Beni Seb M.Phil Scholar, Psychology Children with Special Needs have long been discriminated and deprived of opportunities in the society. The mind-set of the public is attached with misconceptions and stigmatisation, negligence and unfavourable attitude. Children with Special Needs refer to those who have disadvantages in sensory, physical and intellectual capabilities and who requires early […]

Kudos to electrical engineers (APEN) for their bold exposure of the Nagaland government

Kaka D. Iralu This is to sincerely express my appreciation to the Association of Power Engineers for their bold exposure of the government’s total indifference and apathy regarding electricity supply to the people of Nagaland. I hope this appreciation is also supported by every electricity consumer in Nagaland.   Ever since electricity came to Nagaland […]