The Unconquerable Foundation

There is an unconquerable and victorious foundation for all human beings on this earth and the foundation is based on having relationship with the Creator of the heavens and the earth and relationship with God is based on knowing who the Creator really is, believing in Him, fearing Him and obeying Him. Men and women […]

Radio yet an important media for rural masses

Sophisticated world have brought us many modern gadgets, devices as medium of communication apart from an invention of  technologies, equipments and tools that made immeasurably easier and comfortable lessening human labour and energy than develops one’s knowledge. We now live in globalised world as far as that one could have been used these devices. At […]

Venyiyi Rhakhu: Shillong Accord

This rejoinder refers to the article by Dr. Amento Chishi, Kilonser, MIP, NNC Non –Accordist, which appeared in local papers on Saturday, February 23rd, 2014 under the heading “ Response to Khrovete Nuh”. He points out callously and erroneously that Mr. Venyiyi Rhakhu was also one of the signatories of the controversial Shillong Accord. In […]

The Foothill Road

The epochal mega project of the State DAN Govt, is the ‘Naga Future’ Road. Destinies of generations henceforth, shall revolve on this road, to effect a Revolution. It is not the road but the impacts of the road that should be comprehended. The whole State and the entire Nagas are in the gambit of its […]

Extension of Railway Network in the North East in a Mission Mode

The Railway network in the north-east has come of age since the North-East Frontier Railway (NFR) Railway zone with headquarters at Maligaon, Guwahati was carved out of erstwhile North-Eastern Railway in 1958. The Indian  Railways had served vital British Govt. interests in pre-Independence India, towards enabling the imperial authorities to move men and material across […]

Reflection on Pope Francis’ Lenten Message, 2014

Introduction: What is Lent? The Season of Lent, which reminds us the forty days Jesus spent in the desert before taking up his Father’s mission, is celebrated by all Christian Churches as a period of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. The Season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, on which day the faithful are imposed ashes […]

Election or buying votes?

My concept of election is selection/choosing the right leader. Clean election campaign may be good but may not be the right term for action as focused. The focused intention or term I believe is  Right election for right leader. The focus intention of election is to select the right leaders. The process does not imply […]

What Are The Forces Responsible That Killed Jesus?

To my rude and rueful assessment; it was the force of ‘Politics and Religion’ together Hand in Glove -at the time and in the Land- that killed Jesus.      ‘These people See but do not comprehend; They Hear but do not understand’-The Bible.   Politics and Religion comes nearer to each other more in […]

Naga Leadership

Where is it heading? Where is it taking us?   The recent announcement of Mr. Soso Lorho as the candidate for the Outer Parliamentary constituency of Manipur by the Naga People’s Front (NPF) following the assessment of the ‘Search Committee’ has definitely raised many eyebrows. This announcement which apparently was made after a “tireless and […]

Impotent Education Department??

  The Education department has forced its way landing into another controversy yet again. Whatever their feeble excuse or justification is, for cancellation of RMSA Teachers’ recruitment exam, is unjustifiable, illogical and absurd. The less said the better about the messed department. Almost every morning, we see the front page of local dailies, flashed with […]