A Reflection on February 4 incident!

The incident that happened on Tuesday February 4, 2014 started because Pastor Zasheve Vese of Diezephe Baptist Church took precaution on strangers trespassing and loitering inside his private property at Middle colony, Purana Bazaar East Dimapur.  Pastor Zasheve Vese is a respectable man and a dedicated servant of God in Chakhesang community. On that unfortunate […]

God’s revelation for the Nagas

1. Money lenders; on 1st April, 2003 at 01:30 a.m. almighty god spoke to me to aware those money lenders, societies, groups etc, who forcefully ceases away the properties of the defaulters, of the sufferings that would befall upon them. Those who confessed their misdoings were saved but many met unfortunate fates such as deaths, […]

The Greatest Thing For Humankind In The World

The greatest thing for humankind in the world is “KNOW GOD, BELIEVE IN HIM, FEAR HIM AND OBEY HIM,” which is the law or human ethics of relationship with the Creator. Relationship of the creatures with the Creator is the primary need but it is impossible without knowing Him, believing in Him, fearing Him and […]

NTC, ENPO write to CM for revocation of Rongmei tribe recognition

The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) and Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) in continuation to our earlier joint representation submitted to the Government  on dated 21/11/2013 do hereby reiterate our firm stand for early implementation of our demand for de-recognition of Rongmei as a Tribe in Nagaland. It may be stated that the Cabinet on dated […]


When morality is sufficient, law is not required; but when morality is insufficient, law has to be enforced. When the morality of those who are supposed to enforce the law is insufficient, the criminals roam freely outside the jails; the people have no say whatsoever. If someone steals the ration meant for the poor and […]

Burn your tree farm in Jan-Feb to save it from May-June fire

With plentiful rainfall, beautiful Sunshine, vast jhumlands lying idle, the only stumbling block in the way of very profitable Wood Production in labor-short Nagaland is the unconscionable Weeds –some of them grow 22 times faster than Trees- Lianas and Climbers –that smother Tree Plantations. Besides the Weeds, the other most destructive element that destroys Tree […]

The tokenism of law and racial discrimination in India

For most of the times that any incidences of racial discrimination and hate crimes happens against people from the Northeastern States of India, the majority relates to their appearance. The generalization of all mongoloid faced people in India with a single term ‘chinky’ is a truth. It is also a fact that, like Nido Tania, […]

SP Wokha responds to Wokha Village Youth Organization (wvyo)

(1). The office of the Superintendent of Police is compelled to clarify on the unsavory spat of media publication by media cell of Wokha Village Youth Organization (WVYO) on 04/02/14 allegedly condemning the remarks made by SDPO,Wokha against Wokha Villagers and its officials and unnecessary harassment meted out to the WVY0 officials. (2). It is […]

Life, cheap as Hairstyle and Sandal

No parents should ever know the horror of burying their own child in their life time. But tragedy strikes when we least expected it, leaving behind a vacuum which could never be filled again. If a child’s illness could even bring tears to parent’s eyes, I am lost for words to describe the feelings of […]

“The Magic Of Governor & Ministers”

Till yesterday there were many potholes.But today I saw people filling up those potholes.  I asked the reason behind it.And they simply said.“najani naki! Governor ahe asey toh” Till yesterday there was no current.And today the power department is very kind enough to regulate thecurrent 24*7(offer till Governor leaves) Till yesterday, the civil hospital was […]

Unsung Hero With A Difference

HIV kills more women and children than men each year. When you have a family member or friend that has HIV/AIDS, it can be very difficult to deal with. However, no matter how hard it is on you emotionally, it is much worse for them. The best thing you can do for someone with HIV/AIDS […]

NSCN (IM) rejoinder to Mr. R.N. Ravi

National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) is compelled to respond over the malicious and distorted article written by Mr. R.N. Ravi, a retired Special Director of IB, which was published in a section of the Hindu paper on 23rd January 2014 under the caption “Nagaland: decent into chaos”. It is simply an expression of a […]