Are Chokri-Khezha People Backward?

•-The two Chakhesang political Leaders -Chotisü and Khuzholu have shown great courage in correcting a no-longer-relevant-to-the-Chakhesang Community -Backwardness. No doubt the Issue may be popular to the Chakhesang Community and Politicians usually do no like to speak things contrary to popular wishes of their people but the two leaders have shown great courage to advice […]

Minister Kaito's leadership

•-Through your esteemed column, I would like to state few lines of appreciation to Minister for Roads and Bridges, G. Kaito Aye who has been tirelessly working for the uplift of the people and the downtrodden. It would be an injustice, if people of his likes who immensely contribute to the holistic development of the […]

Prevalent of DAN’s policy on social life of the people

Since our Nagaland State budget session for 2011-12 is approaching nearby, the public ought to analyze the past promised, policy and programmes, activities, achievements or failures of the government because it is the common people who are bearing the brunt of all the government’s misappropriation expenditures, deficit and liability and suffers silently. It is the […]

Corruptions lead ‘Poverty’

•-It’s really a pain to accept the bitter truth that our state’s atmosphere is full of corruptions and nepotism whether its in the business developmental, job recruitment, or any kind of scheme or loan for the educated unemployed or under privileged people, bribery and nepotism becomes the first priority. Article 16(1) of the Indian Constitution […]

Spreading awareness on mining hazards

•-As the managing editor of the Mines & Communities website, I’d like to thank you for reprinting our London Declaration (at It is heartening to see its message spread far and wide. We encourage people to visit our website ( both to look at articles on the issues of the problematic impacts of mining […]

TPO Memo to President on Intangki National Park

Your Excellency, The Tenyimi People’s Organization (TPO) representing 10 tribes within the Naga family joins the rest of our people in extending our warmest welcome to you on your first visit to Nagaland. Human diversity and Biodiversity are two extraordinary assets of Northeast India.  But they are often insufficiently recognized. The impacts made on them […]

GPRN/NSCN appeals to Concerned Citizens Forum, Mkg

One noble trait of the Nagas is unmistakably the respect for the elderly. This exemplary tradition is passed on from one generation to the other. While absorbing the wisdom of the grey haired gentlemen, sometimes situation arises where correction and further explanation are necessitated. The statement issued on 24th Feb. 2011 by a group of […]

Worth Learning News

•-I am very delighted to read the news article about Asi Kera under the headline "The Sweat Of His Brow" penned down by Keren Rose Ovung. The Article contains such an inspiring message for the youngsters. A young dedicated and energetic Naga Upcoming Entrepreneur who has started the eatery from scratch. Mr. Asi, for me […]

On the visit of President

•-Naga people are fortunate that the highest personality of our Country is paying her maiden visit to this remote Nagaland and on this auspices occasion, the Naga people are in excited and delighted mode to receive the first ever lady President of this great Country with open arms and splendor hospitalities. I do not know […]

NPSC Question setting pattern rated very poor!

•-With utmost respect, we would like to highlight some important issues regarding question setting pattern in recently held NPSC Combine Technical Examination 2011. While the liberty of Question setting pattern, agency to entrust, books or authors to refer fully rest with our esteemed commission; its choice to set a proto-type Xerox question from Question No. […]