Unsung Hero With A Difference

HIV kills more women and children than men each year. When you have a family member or friend that has HIV/AIDS, it can be very difficult to deal with. However, no matter how hard it is on you emotionally, it is much worse for them. The best thing you can do for someone with HIV/AIDS […]

NSCN (IM) rejoinder to Mr. R.N. Ravi

National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) is compelled to respond over the malicious and distorted article written by Mr. R.N. Ravi, a retired Special Director of IB, which was published in a section of the Hindu paper on 23rd January 2014 under the caption “Nagaland: decent into chaos”. It is simply an expression of a […]

ACAUT express anguish over NSCN (IM) statement

Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) is anguished over the press statement by the NSCN (IM) demanding Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCCI) president Hokivi Chishi to provide evidences in support of his allegations on forceful sale of calendars. It is unbecoming for an organization of their stature.  ACAUT on receiving numerous complaints from […]

Of Speeds, Breakers, Jams and Accidents!

Everybody seems to be having a sigh of relief as the roads now are being repaired on a full-scale war-footing especially in Dimapur town. Thanks to the R&B department and our honorable minister who is being in person himself to supervise all the ongoing works and has proved all his critics wrong by showing everyone […]

Laughter Bought For A Mithun

It was interesting reading Kedo’s The Happiness Of God in Morung Express, Feb 3, 2014. It reminded me of two teachings: first, that there was no laughter in the world. No one knew how to laugh. On funny sights and events they just expressed, ‘pvudukro ke, ke,ke ’. Humanity then decided to buy laughter. They […]

Govt of Nagaland massacre generation

The headline in the first page of Eastern Mirror in its 12th January, 2014 issue which read, ‘Red Flag for zero performing schools,’ caught the attention of its readers. It carried the news of the impending Government’s policy to overhaul in the educational system from cleansing bogus teachers to relegating nil performance of the Govt. […]

The truth of Zeliangrong

There was no Zeliangrong beyond 1947. The version that, oneness of Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei since the time of Makuilongdi is possible but not as one tribe. The essence of tribe came into being and used lately or recently, coined by Indian system of social classification copied from foreign systems of divide and rule politics. […]

Women status in Naga society

Crimes against women- encompasses a wide range of human rights violations, including sexual abuse of children, rape, domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment, abduction, trafficking of women and girls and several harmful traditional practices. Statistics from National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) Crime in India 2012 report reveals that Nagaland had the lowest rate of crime […]


It is a pity that the Government of Nagaland has been compromised and paralysed beyond redemption. The picture of an indifferent Government that  has lost its honourable sense of ethics and responsibility towards its citizens has become apparent and clear. Yet another Sumi life has succumbed to the unfortunate incident of 28th December 2013… the […]

A Response

At the outset, let me congratulate K. Tia Longchar for his excellent article: “Looking Beyond Statehood” which appeared in The Morung Express on January 30, 2014. The need of the hour for the Nagas is to look beyond oneself, one’s tribe, one group and beyond the imposed State.  The solution to our protracted political problem […]

Importance of life insurance in financial planning

Life is a combination of two words Life +Insurance. Life is the most precious element on earth and “insurance” protection against hazards /risk/uncertainty. Thus life insurance protects our dependents against the loss of life of the bread winner. No one wants to die but everyone has to die and that too at an uncertain time […]