•-Through this esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw immediate and urgent attention of the United Naga Council (UNC) the apex body of the Manipur Nagas. Kindly note that, I represent no organization or group or self vested interest but a sole student with keen interest to learn UNC’s ideology and action since last year’s NPC. […]

Outgoing Kyong Eloe hoho lauded

•-As human, we always tend to forget or to acknowledge at times to appreciate good things that had been done for the society by an individual or a group. So to avoid these further, let me just convey my sincere appreciation to the outgoing Kyong Eloe hoho members for their unceasing love, sacrifice and care […]

Contract Typist Employees appeal to Government for regularization

•-We the “Nagaland Civil Secretariat Typist Employees” expressed our dismay over the concerned authorities with regard to service condition, who were serving for the past 10 to 20 years and serving continuously without any break of service.Though we are appointed on contract basis and regular pay scale, Our extension of services was purely on the […]

The torturous road of neglect

•-Thonoknyu town is just 96 kms away from the district headquarter that is Tuensang, however the road condition is so horrible and there is no absence of pushing and pulling vehicle and every traveler with a vehicle is a must to carry, dao, rope and lever, while travelling. One of the saddest parts also is […]

Educate children as parents are working

•-Recently three child labourers were rescued at the construction site at Ghatkopar in Mumbai when an alert citizen, Salim Maqbool Pathan complained about they working at the construction site. There is a need for the Government to take serious steps from preventing child labourers working in these  dangerous sites. Just fining the employer or the […]

Reservation; Waking to sanity

•-What is the yardstick used to measure the reservation of seat among the Nagas? Is it the advent of Christianity and spread of western education or the seemingly inherent paradoxical parochialism of clinging to tradition?The history of Indian society is a case of caste division. For thousands of years, Shudras, landless laborers, adivasis etc were […]

Require no non-sense enforcement of Govt authority and will

•-Apropos to the news item “Nagaland govt to clamp down on blockades” (MEX dated 13th May, 2011). Though late, the stern step taken by the state Government of Nagaland in clamping down on road blockages, ban, or restrictions on movement of people on public highways by any village, community etc in connection with inter village, […]

Whom To Blame And Whom To Pay In Dimapur

•-Dimapur the pride of Nagaland is going to be the hell. Lets take the right decision and make a difference in our state. Now this days business Men in Dimapur are suffering and confused since  every one became commander saying that I am original and they duplicate as well as Unions collecting tax in Nagaland […]

An appeal to the NSF

•-Through this column, I as a concern citizen would like to congratulate the new executive members of the Naga Student Federation (NSF) as they start their tenure. I would also like to appeal to them to lay emphasis on the following pressing matters. (1)Asking the Government of Nagaland to make the Special Investigating Team (SIT) […]