Zeliangrong Region Must Stay Intact: Felix Zeliangrong

I am a Zeliangrong Naga Serving the Naga Nation with pride and honor under the leadership of Chairman Gen. (Retd) Khole Konyak and Gen. Secretary N Kitovi Zhimomi. My commitment to Naga nation is unflinching and likewise I desire Zeliangrongs to march with the rest of the Nagas. It would be wrong if I remain […]

Clarification Sought From Secretary NPSC

•-I went to the office of the Nagaland Public Service Commission on the 21st of September at around 11am to submit my documents which are required from the applicants who are to face the mains examination of NPSC, but I was taken aback as the lady at the counter insisted that I should as well […]

In support of the need of CBI in Nagaland

•-I fully agree with Mr Rikho Lotha demanding CBI inquiry into corruption in Nagaland that was published in Morung express on 28/9/11. Supplementing his article I wish to add that unlike the evil caste system in Indian society, Nagas have two strata of people; ‘the rich and the poor’. There is no middle class of […]

A Word On Asangba’s Response To My Article

•-I am glad that Asangba has responded to my article because I encourage and challenge the youths to freely express their opinions sharing opinions with one another. I wish that he could discuss the substance of my writing with me throwing light on it whether agree or disagree. He must cool headedly understand that my […]

Reconciliation is going on wrong direction

The formation of so-called NSCN was resolutely rejected by the communities of Angami, Chakhesang, Ao, Shepoumaramth, Khiamniungan and for that their leaders were killed in 1979 by Muivah and Isak. The other Naga communities like Chang, Sangtam, Yimchunger, Phom, Lotha, Zeliangrong, Amamch did not know the idea and formation of the NSCN, for none of […]

Enough is enough!

•-With due respect and honour, I would like to draw my attention to the ANCSU to kindly raise up your stern voice to the authority in-charge about the delay of disbursing the post matric scholarship (PMS). It is a prime time for the students in general to join hands and support them (ANCSU) against the […]

ENPO on separate State hood demand

•-In response to the article written by Rev. L Suohie Mhasi on 20th Sept.2011 in Morung Express regarding demand of separate Statehood by ENPO. The ENPO felt that there will be more advantage if we get separate Frontier State because the ENPO people were deprived of employment opportunity ever since the very inception of Nagaland […]

Need CBI enquiry in Nagaland

•-Nagaland state was created as the 16th states of India on December 1, 1961. After Nagaland, 12 more sates were created. Those states are younger brothers of Nagaland state. Although 47 years have elapsed, people have no peace of mind and state is less developed. People have no chance to work for daily wages to […]

Agony day speech of Hon’ble Kilo Kilonser

We understand that all of us are born for a mission to accomplish, not to abort it. Like it or not, we have a war to fight, a song to sing and a life to give but, for a good cause. Those departed brothers and sisters have give their everything for the good cause. They […]

On EAC special recruitment drive

•-As appeared in local dailies "Student’s Union gives deadline to revoke the Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) special recruitment drive", it is high time the Aos, Sumis, Angamis, Lothas and Rengma Student Union form an association/federation (Western Naga Student Federation) like the Eastern Naga Student Federation. Formation of such an association is not to counteract or […]

On The Demand Of Eastern Nagas

•-The Eastern Nagas have been demanding for a separate Statehood. If their separate Statehood will be more advantageous to them, their advantage is the advantage of all of the Nagas. Nobody will object to them. But their demand should not be based on blaming the present State Government. They have been as well represented as […]

Some reflections on scholarship trends

•-Apropos to article in post-mortem ‘I don’t care, a new trend’, in a leading local daily dated September 24, by Myanthung Ngullie (St. Edmunds College Shillong, it is very sad to see that the younger generation does not care. I don’t care punch line among Naga youth- is because our society has decayed. Too much […]