Nagaland Congress explains stand on Naga political issue

As the two opposing political parties, the Congress and the NPF have nothing in common as far as the political ideologies and principles are concerned. However, on Naga political issue, it appears that despite having formed the Joint Legislators’ Forum (JLF), the NPF has either a hidden agenda or it is trying to impose its […]

TPO appeal for preservation of Intanki’s integrity

It is indisputably clear that the land of 20,202 hectares for the present ‘Intanki National Park’ was freely donated by Old Beisumpui Village. This fact was acknowledged by the recipients of the said land i.e. British Colonial Government by observing all the terms and conditions imposed by the Village in the early 1920s when J.H. […]

On special NCS recruitment drive

•-In response to the publication of news caption "special NCS recruitment drive" dated 27th may,  2011, in Nagaland post, regarding state cabinet approval for special Nagaland civil services recruitment drive for the 10 less represented tribes of the state, we would like to sincerely appeal to the state govt. As well as state chief secy. […]

Gandhiji’s Fasting And The Fasting These Days

•-Mahatma Gandhi resorted to fasting  as a matter of self purification and   to uphold the cause of truth.  He fasted when there was communal blood shed to drive home the message of peace and harmony. Even during the Quit India Movement, Gandhiji  did not go on fasting demanding that the British should leave India.  In […]

Is Rape here to stay?

•-Our society is filled by crimes of rape cases. Sometimes many thoughts are raised against this crime, that we should make very strong and effective laws against the crime to protect the society from the evil by law of the land. “Sexual harassment is punishable by law”. Now rape is the most dangerous evil or crime […]

A note of appreciation to D.I.S PEREN and others

•-I, m very happy and optimistic to know that your department under your esteem authority is carrying out the work in a progressive manner, It is because of your selfless service rendered  to the area people that found sanctioned from the Gov’t of S.S.A (Peren) for the extension of school building as utilizing in proper […]

Home Minister Imkong L Imchen questions NPCC on Naga issue

The NPCC utterances especially in the recent past is understandable and pitiable on the fact that after their humiliating defeat in the Aonglenden by- election, they have also realized that they are already sitting in the sinking boat fully aware that they will be drowned very soon. Out of such frustration they are venting out […]

NSCN/GPRN refute allegation of Indian intelligence

The report in some papers that two women from Thailand namely Amphai Thongthang and Parcee Thongthang are NSCN operative has come as a matter of surprise. Given the fact that they have in-laws in India who happened to be Nagas it must be a matter of family relationship, the link that nobody can deny to […]

Table Tennis in Nagaland

•-While Table Tennis is the most popular racket Sport in the world and very popular in Nagaland where it is played regularly in schools, colleges and every households it is being neglected in Nagaland by the Department concerned. In the recently concluded XXV North East Games held at Arunachal Pradesh, Table Tennis was not included […]

Beyond The Burning Of Churches In Nagaland

•-Any Christian worth the name would feel extremely sad to see or hear of a Church being even slightly damaged, not to mention of razing down (church here means the building, not the people).  However, as far as the burning of Churches in Nagaland is concerned, one cannot just remain sad but think beyond that […]

On Demolition Drive In Kohima

•-Through your esteemed column I would want to make a humble clarion to one and all on Demolition drive that took place few days back near the Polytechnic Institute Kohima, as appearing below:1.    That I have been in my humble ways serving God since 1994 in Tsalei colony, which is at the vicinity of the […]