Special Recruitment Drive and its fallout

•-The State government’s recent declaration of Special Recruitment Drive and its subsequent withdrawal have once again opened up the Pandora’s box thereby creating a feeling of suspicion and jealous among the so called backward and the major tribes. The direct fallout as a result of the withdrawal of SRD has been the regular tirades against […]

Whose Road Is It Anyway

•-The highways and roads are meant for public utility. No single organization or individual has the sole ownership and free passage of ways. Every citizen has equal rights of passage. By virtue of being in a  privileged position does not bestow upon him/her the authority to bulldoze anyone and anything that comes in their way. […]

SRD- Selfish Recruitment Drive

•-I thought of keeping my opinions to myself in order not to intensify the feeling of distrust among the different tribes, but the false allegations against the "advanced tribes" has forced me to put my fingers on the keypads. Let me first make it clear this write up is my own personal opinion. I’m clarifying […]

Special Recruitment Drive for 10 EAC post of DAN Government

•- With reference to the subject cited above, I would like to refer to the many observations by the public and political parties on this matter and give my personal views. That the DAN Government has taken a decision to provide Special Recruitment Drive for 10 EAC post to the backward and less privileged tribes, […]

A view on SRD stalemate

•-The dissensions that were brewing in the Naga house over job reservation for the backwards have come to the fore over the issue of Special Recruitment Drive for 10(ten) EAC posts. Reservation on general, was itself a bone of contention between the forwards and the backwards and when, even the nominal reservation was grudgingly borne, […]

An apology to NPSC

•-Due to my short coming and without verifying the fact, I had sought clarification about the number of post of Medical Officer (MO) (from the Home Department) though the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC). My action had put the Commission in bad light and hurt its reputation, for which I tender my sincere apology to […]

NPSC rejoinder to ‘An appeal to the NPSC Secretary’

•-Apropos to the letter purportedly written by a certain Aletovi Naga captioned “An appeal to the NPSC Secretary “ carried in the Morung Express of 11th October, 201 issue wherein clarification of NPSC is sought in respect of the Post of Medical Officer under Home Department, Govt. of Nagaland. In this connection, the Nagaland Public […]

Stagnant Condition of Old Phek-Satakha via Khuza Road

Rural Development was constituted by the Government of India to ensure rural people be included in the development process of the economic growth of the nation. Initially Rural Development came into force on October, 1974 as a part of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture which today is known as Ministry of Rural Development. As […]

SRD exposes advanced tribes attitude

•-On the whole, I feel the SRD policy of the Govt. was not a failure altogether because it has served as an opinion poll to know the tolerance aspect and attitude of the advanced tribe people towards the Eastern Nagas. In the real sense, the advanced tribes do not want us to come at par […]

Praying for God’s wisdom for new officers

•-The people of Nagas in general give thanks to our Almighty God for your achievement in the recently declared NPSC and UPSC result. We congratulate to all officers selected through NPSC/UPSC exam. May our Almighty God gives you thy wisdom and lead you as you begin to discharge a new assignment of services to the […]

An appeal to the NPSC Secretary

•-Through this column I would like to draw the kind attention of the honourable Secretary of the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC).There was requisition of two vacant post of Medical Officers (MO) from the Home Department, but when there was advertisement of posts for the combine technical examination 2011,only one post of Medical Officer (MO) […]