Fake Cosmetics?

•-It is simply horrendous to read that these things are really happening under our noses. Will it have been possible for the concerned officials/dept to get wind of these practices had it not been for the team of lawyers coming from Delhi? The local populace seems to be taken for a ride oftentimes or should […]

Congratulation on seizing of duplicate goods

•-Business is at boom in Dimapur, which is the commercial hub of Nagaland, and also one of the important trading centres in the entire northeast India. However, the town has either legal and illegal goods, or illicit goods, especially the shops around Hazi Park Market or the so-called “HongKong market” of Dimapur.   When you […]

Kudos to NSCN/GPRN, Wokha Region

•-Allegations of mis-utilization of developmental funds under wokha district had been in the air from all quarters on fund diversion, issuing under table work orders and thereof payment without executing the actual works, percentage cuts by VIPS and various unauthorized agencies had been on the rampant increase, as no other competent authority had monitored or […]

Memo to PM on arms supply to repressive military regime in Burma

•- Respected Prime Minister, We are shocked and outraged to learn that Government of India has recently supplied arms and  ammunitions fully  loaded in 52 military  trucks to the world most  notorious Burmese  military  regime.   We the undersigned believe that India is a nation founded on sound democratic principles. And  time and again our nation […]

August 24th and 25th Meetings of Naga Leaders

During the last three meetings of the Highest Level Naga Political Leaders, a decision was arrived, “to work towards a shared Naga future on the foundation of our Historical and Political Rights” (August 20, 2011); and following that the leaders, “Agreed to Strengthen and Broaden the Peace Process based on the Uniqueness of Naga History” […]


•- Today there are many supporters of the anti-corruption activist, Anna Hazare who wear the Gandhian cap with the words written, I am Anna Hazare. Being an activist myself, many people questioned me, Why dont wear the cap? to which simply answer, I am NOT ANNA HAZARE!. The reason being sometimes we give in to […]

Salute to our leaders

•- For the Nagas and well-wishers for early Naga political settlement like the world Baptist Alliance etc. it is laudable news that our leaders from various factions have reconciled to one another forgiving one another of the past rancor. It is our understanding that in this historic reconciliation God has answered the decade’s long prayers […]

Bias on the part of NSF

•-Through this column, we the aggrieved candidates in the recently recruitment  in the power department as  junior engineer’s, would like to know from the Naga Student Federation(NSF) ,of why they are mainly targeting the candidates in the power department when political  appointment are going  on in every departments. Even the daughter of a senior minister […]

Watching the situation

Manipur state is well experienced to bear the hard times due to intensity of agitations like strikes, bandhs or what ills time to time. For some days the Kukis Sardar Hill District Demand Committee called an indefinite bandh on NH-39 and NH-53. Now the Naga apex body of Manipur, so-called UNC had started an indefinite […]

Whom to Blame?

•-We Nagas are known for fast aping and copying, be it in lifestyle, fashion, culture and other in things. While missing so many links on the way to transition, we have now caught up with the latest trend of scandals. The much controversial and long pending scandal of the education department seems to be getting […]

ATAN Open Letter to School Education Department

To, The Commissioner &Secretary & Ex-officioDirector School Education. Nagaland, Kohima. Sub:- Representation requesting the cancellation/revocation of the SIT report on Bogus appointment and to conduct fresh enquiry by an independent expert committee and/or requisition all available posts of teachers and to conduct impartial selection examination against the vacancies. Sir With due respect, the undersigned, for and […]