The issue of fake goods at Hazi Park Market

•-The recent issue of seizure of fake goods at Hazi Park Market in Dimapur may be a simple routine case of seize of illicit goods, but if this issue is not seriously viewed then it would bring about negative impact to our younger generation and the society as a whole, in future.The issue has now […]

Delay in release of Post-metric scholarship

•–Through the column of your esteemed paper, I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authority regarding the delay in releasing post metric scholarship. We do understand the difficulty in new method of releasing scholarship but its almost the end of the year and still no sign of it. The concerned authority is neither […]

Urging To Urge For Unity

•- The failure of the past initiatives was due to lack of sincerity. Many good golden opportunities history offered to us had been missed. Violence, hatred, division, distinction of tribalism does not decides the fate of a nation. There is always the tendency to relapse to the old ways if there is no preparation. We […]

Gratitude to Lady Wives of Legislators

•-The people of Pungro Sub-Division, through this column, would like to record our most sincere gratitude to the honourable Lady Wives of the Legislators led by Mrs. Kaisa Rio, for gracing the Apple Festival 2011 at Thanamir Village on Sept. 10, and above all, for the immense concern shown to the remotest area of Nagaland, […]

Hazi Park clarifies on closure of shops

•-The attentions of the undersigned have been drawn to the repeated letters in the readers’ column of the local dailies in connection with the seizure of the fake cosmetic items and dragging the name Hazi Park Businessmen Welfare Committee. While appreciating the good work undertaken by the concerned authority, we want to make it amply […]

Clarification sought from Health Dept on Govt service rules

•-Through this column, I would like to seek clarification from the Health and Family Welfare department (H&FW deptt). As per the government service rules, a doctor has to serve for a minimum of 2 years in the government service to be eligible  to undergo post graduation course/specialization. The department should issue clarification to the public, […]

Congratulation to Most Reverend Dr. James Thoppil D.D

•-Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. The song of the Psalmist is echoing in our hearts today as we thank and praise the Lord for the gift of most Reverend Dr. James Thoppil DD, to the church in Nagaland. It is indeed with immense joy and gratitude to the almighty, we the […]

Reservation policy for creamy layer’s of the society

•-Through this column I as concern citizen would liked to request to the Public and Administrative Reform (P&AR) department and Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC), not to apply reservation policy while conducting examination, when it comes to recruitment of doctors in the government service, since these doctors of the so called backward tribes are also […]

Government: Please don’t discriminate

•-Is it because; we live in one of the remote rural areas or is it because; there is no funds for the people of Kiphire District for a fire station that controls fire based disasters. Kiphire has witnessed many commercial and residential houses that have been gutted down by fires causing huge loss of assets […]

‘Open letter to the Collective Leadership, NSCN/GPRN’

Your Excellency,With utmost respect to your highest authority, we have the honour to write this sincere letter in regard to the press statement made by R Kiusangthong Tatar and Care Taker Saramati Region of NSCN/GPRN that appeared in Nagaland Post on 4th Sept. 2011 under the caption, ‘NSCN/GPRN on Yimchunger-Tikhir issue’.It is pertinent to mention […]

The Peace Day observation turned Black

What happened on the 6th of September in Phek District speaks volume of the intention of the GOI. We only need to remind ourselves that our sincerity has been once again violated by the agent of the Indian Government, this time the 7th Assam Rifles stationed in Phek. Interestingly, this para military forces used the […]

GPRN/NSCN clarifies confusion

After the signing of Naga Concordant on 26th August 2011, there has been some press statements which appeared to have created slight confusion in the minds of the Naga people. The hour was for Naga leaders to acknowledge and accept one another as comrades and sharing same unique history and political rights.  Reconciliation and unity […]