On ‘Poor Result of HSLC in Kiphire District’

•-The HSLC result of Govt. High Schools in Kiphire district has been so discouraging almost every year. It is interesting, of late, that the denizens of the district are becoming more conscious in education sector. The Kiphire District Congress Committee’s "concern" of the students is also laudable but it is saddening that even for such […]

Who will be the Anna Hazare of Nagaland?

•-Anna Hazare’s ‘Fast unto Death’, demanding the Government to constitute a Joint Drafting Committee to draft a new bill to investigate and prosecute corrupt Public Servant impartially, caught the imagination of the entire Nation. This was evident from the fact that people from all walks of life, notably the Youth of India landed their support […]

On 33% women quota issue-A personal opinion

•-In the midst of hot debates and discussion regarding 33% Women Reservation, I would like to voice my personal opinion on the same for the good of the people in general and that of the Women in particular. This, I believe, will help the people of Nagaland to make the right and the best decision- […]

The end of Osama bin Laden

•-Osama bin Laden, the founder of al-Qaeda, made news headlines after the deadly September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington. And now, almost 10 years later, the world’s most-wanted man is dead, killed by US Special Forces in Pakistan. His body was buried at sea in a quick and dramatic end to a […]

Sub-standard matric result of students at Kiphire

•-By and large the general students from Government high school after getting the worst result shows no sign of heart break appearance but parents are seemingly stunned. This year also the result must have caused consternation for all parents after having shattered their dreams.The pathetic condition of Gove High School at Kiphire where many students […]

N.N.C Question to Perry Hau

Having learned from the dailies issued by Perry Hau, who published the items on 4/5/2011, that some NNC members were collecting money from Govt departments and business agencies in around Dimapur using the names of V.Nagi and Dr. Senka, the NNC members wanted to let the public in general know that the NNC have made […]

NPSC clarification on LDA recruitment

•-Apropos to the letter captioned “An Appeal to NPSC Secretary” written by Shri. Hotovi Sumi, Purana Bazar, Dimapur which appeared in the 2nd May, 2011 issue of the Morung Express, the NPSC is to clarify that the Commission has received requisition for 3 (three) posts of LDA-cum-Computer Assistant under the establishment of Chief Electoral Officer, […]

NSCN/GPRN says Jamir is “opposed to the Naga national struggle”

The failure of S.C. Jamir and Sungit Jamir to positively respond to the earlier call for confessional statements with reference to their devious role in mechanizing rumour of purported assassination plan on the life of S.C. Jamir by NSCN, has been seriously viewed.The concocted story that sounded false alarm to Delhi by the NPCC President […]

TPO on ‘illegal interim order at Intangki National Park’

ToThe Hon’ble Parliamentary Secretary,Department of Law & Justice, TourismGovernment of Nagaland, Kohima Subject: –    The Highly Illegal Interim Order at Intangki  National Park & Consequences. Hon’ble Sir, We are constrained to draw your kind attention to our position on what we are compelled to conclude is a case of unacceptable dereliction of responsibility for the protection of […]

Plea for more active journalism

•-I read an article titled "Nagaland registers first cyber offence" in your online paper and was deeply sorry for the young girl and wished that justice be delivered to her. I also read the rejoinder by the father, which I must say is misleading and false as I myself have personally seen and read the […]

An appeal to NPSC Secretary

•-Through this column I would liked to draw the attention of the Secretary of Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC). As per the NPSC advertisement no.1/2010-2011 dated 6th Sept 2010, there were 3 (three) post of LDA – cum- Computer operator under the Chief Electoral office. When the result was declared on 25/04/2011, three successful candidates […]