GPRN/NSCN UT II, Athibung Designated Camp Condemn K Propaganda

Apropos to Khaplang group’s publicity stunt claiming 14 Naga Army cadres joining K party and reaching Zealiangrong in Manipur, which came out in the local dailies on 14th July 2011. A group of people whose existence depend on the name of expelled NSCN chairman Khaplang will definitely go all out to impress the Nagas with […]

Congratulation to Miss Chekrovolu Swuro

•-Dzulhami Outsiders’ Welfare Union (DOWU) congratulates Miss Chekrovolu Swuro, daughter of Vepoyi Swuro of Dzulha Village, Phek, Nagaland, along with her teammates for receiving silver medals for India in the recently concluded 46th World Archery Championship, 2011 in Turin (Italy). The union also lauds Mr.Thupuvoyi Swüro, younger brother of Chekrovolu Swuro for being selected to […]

On NSF’s ultimatum to Power Department

•-A propos to the news item “NSF Ultimatum for backdoor appointment in power department”, I would like to share my observation in this matter. It is good to see that NSF is looking into the matter of backdoor appointment, but the point which needs to be pondered on this is that, why giving ultimatum only […]

Not less than 300 voters in one family in Tuensang

•-It is true! One household and its extension have got not less than 300 voters in Tuensang Headquarter. Everyone will know what and whom I’m referring of. Again, if we look at the total number of voters of this family, it will definitely have nearly thousand voters. However, time will come to reprimand any official […]

Dimasa youth organization thankful for road repair

•-After the PWD road which connects Dimapur town and Dhansiripar sub division was washed off by the Dhansiri river near Urra weekly market, the people in the area faced much trouble in transportation and communication. However due to the initiatives taken by the officers mentioned below, the re-construction of the road was made possible which […]

Where is the development in Nagaland?

•-The recent pictures of havoc created by intense rain in Nagaland cast a doubt on the development works executed in the state. The collapse of bridge at Dhansiripar areas, washing away part of referral hospital by river erosion, the emerging ponds on the main roads at Dimapur. Who is to be blamed, is it the […]

Peace is not an end in itself: NSCN (Khaplang)

The good numbers of Khehoi gang leaders have managed to amass considerable wealth, mostly being professional businessman, contractors, hit-men, socially and politically dis-oriented individuals. In addition to these materialistic advantages and comforts of wealth they no longer have the interests or zeal to continue the struggle, the long years of immobility created by cease-fire and […]

APO congratulates FNR, Rev Dr Wati Aier

•-The Angami Public Organisation (APO) congratulates the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) and share the joy of the recognition award made to its Convenor, Dr Rev. Wati Aier, by the Baptist World Alliance, with the 2011 Denton & Janice Lotz Human Rights Award, recently at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. APO believes that the award was made […]

Census and unaccounted population?

•-Apropos to your news report – Naga organisation says population uncounted for two decades – is really saddened to hear and at the same time felt hilarious. Though it is a democratic right for everyone to be part of the whole exercise, and blaming the state government, one simple argument is – Did the Naga […]

Rejoinder to ‘Naga youths going abroad as cheap labour’

Attention of the Directorate of Employment and Craftsmen Training (the Department) is drawn to the news item which appeared in the Morung Express dated 6th July and 11th July 2011 under the caption “Naga Youths going abroad as cheap labour” with the rider Nagaland Government careless and ignorant and cheap labour in place of employment […]

Reply to Naga Women Hoho Dimapur

•- The hoary history of victimizing the victim is not only too predictable but far too archaic for the 21st century. One makes this statement in context to the recent counter-reaction by the NWHD to the spat of rape cases.Digressing slightly—when Hitler decreed the FINAL SOLUTION of 6 million Jews during World War Two with […]

NSCN Chairman Gen. Khole’s Maiden Address to Nagas

My fellow Countrymen,I thank God for the honour and privilege granted to me to address our people at this crucial hour of our struggle. My Revolutionary salute goes out to all true past and present Naga freedom fighters.  Lately, there have been many different ideas being propagated from certain corners. I appeal to the Nagas […]