Respecting the national flag

•-It is usually observed that after the national festivals – Independence Day (15th August) & Republic Day (26th January) celebrations are over; miniature plastic flags are seen thrown on the roads, garbage cans, and street corners. There is urgent need for the authorities to completely ban plastic Indian flags. School students, particularly NCC cadets, and […]

Naga Imperative: FNR

Naga Reconciliation: A Journey of Common Hope, though, gradual has travelled for 35 months, one month short of three years. During this time, some significant accomplishments have been contributed to the Naga peoples’ political and historical de facto.Nothwithstanding, 9 meetings of the Naga political groups have been held outside the country and 51 within Nagaland, […]

FGN seeks clarification from Brigadier Tokugha

It is compelled the office of the Midan Peyu, Sumi Region, Federal Government of Nagaland, to knock the door of the so-called “Brigadier” Tokugha Sumi, a self-styled habitual defector, migratory species having no permanent place to settle, and a man with nefarious mentality in nature. In strictest form, the Region once again brought this notice […]

The Background Of ENPO Separate State Demand

•-Many have shared their opinion about the issue of ENPO through daily publication. In this connection of critical issue, while deeply studied about the background history of ENPO, I also would like to share my opinion with few facts that why the ENPO is willing to go back to their original stand as follows:- 1.   […]

An Appeal to the Chief Secretary, Government of Nagaland

•-In your meeting with the CANSSEA officials on 20th October 2010 (Wednesday), the CANSSEA officials apprised you about the need to implement the 2010 ROP for the ad-hoc teachers serving under the Directorate of School Education as well. In regard to this matter, I would also like to bring the following few facts before you […]

Who is in control of the Government?

•-The Union Home Secretary said that there would   be partial withdrawal of troops from Jammu & Kashmir. The army personnel said that the move would be premature.  I wonder whether there is any consultation between the departments even in such crucial matters of far reaching implications. I wonder who is in control of the Government […]

Congratulations on Wilson Kayina’s write-up

•-This refers to Wilson Kayina’s write-up on ‘Birth and Hope’ (Morung Express dated 11th Jan, 2011). First of all, I congratulate Mr. Kayina on becoming a proud father and wish his family a lot of happiness with their bundle of joy. It is indeed very refreshing to read such a poignant article, which raise concerns […]

The wave of 2G scam on N-E Aircel customers

•-It looks like the 2G Spectrum scam has indirectly affected Aircel customers to so many extent that Aircel will have to compensate for the loss incurred. With the scam, the TRAI has awakened to realize that its partners like Aircel has gained popularity in the North East Telecom sector too by open and illegal means […]

An Appeal to Nagaland University

•-My appreciation and thanks goes to the act of Parliament 1989 for establishment of a Central University in Nagaland. Now, we need to know what is mean by University.It is an educational institution of advances learning and research conferring degrees. It is also a body of faculty and students including administrative, living quarters as well […]