Body Shaming: A Corporate Scam

Aniruddha Babar, PhDTetso College, Dimapur   “I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.”~ Emma Stone   During my journey on this planet, i have discovered that the Man-a self-proclaimed king of Earth became his own worst enemy. Which of the species on this planet is […]

The Festival of the Inpui Nagas

The Festival of the Inpui Nagas

Roman Riamroi InpuiSenapatiIntroduction: Inpui Nagas has their own story of origin. The Genesis of Inpuis clearly stated that Inpuirwan emerged out of a cave called “Ramting Kabin” ( a place where stars can be seen in day light ), after breaking the door “Kapo Inkhaan” which blocked their way to go outside the wide open […]

Indo-Naga Trouble and Our Collective Stand

Dr. Chumben Murry MLA What prompted me to write this article is the happiness that Khango group of NSCN (K)’s willingness to join the negotiation with GoI for settlement of our political issue and of the fact over ground Naga leaders need to take a unified stand on the issue.   Chances of BJP’s slogan […]

Managing genetic resources of Agricultural/Horticultural crops

Martina ShitiriAsst.Chief Tecnical Officer (ACTO)Genetics and Plant BreedingKVK, Tuensang, Nagaland Genetic resources constitute the foundation upon which horticulture/Agriculture is based. These resources consist of diversity of genetic material in the form of traditional varieties and modern cultivars grown by farmers as well as wild relatives and other wild plants occurring in nature. Over the decades […]

Romanticization of the backdoor appointees

Yapan WalimOriental Colony, Dimapur Much has been discussed over the rampant backdoor appointments currently, but historically — and deliberately some might add — plaguing our government system. The case of ‘romanticization of the backdoor appointees’, however, seems to have not received the same attention. This phenomenon, of romanticization, is particularly of concern since it is […]

Amur Falcon Conservation Week and Festival 2018

Steve OdyuoNatural Nagas The Amur Falcon Conservation Week and Festivals 2018 was held from the 8th-10th of November 2018. With the aim to create awareness on conservation as well as exploit the potential of eco-tourism in and around the Doyang Valley, the events on Conservation, Adventure Sports, Outdoor activities, Watersports and Angling, Cultural and Traditional […]

The Omnipresent poor road condition in Nagaland

Khumlamo PattonAkuk Village, Wokha Since its inception while Nagaland had its share of troubles. One problem, which has been omnipresent, is the poor road condition.   Nagaland being a hilly region with little or no rail connectivity, roads assumes importance for connectivity and for transportation to facilitate trade and commerce. It is not wrong to […]

Nagas are United, Not Divided

Dr. K HoshiPhek Town Naga National Council (NNC)’s declaration of Naga independence on August 14, 1947 and Naga national Plebiscite of May 16, 1951were the pillars of the foundation of Naga independence history.They represented the climax of Naga unity in the history of Naga independence. They are the living manifestations of that unity. Every Naga […]

Infrastructure and skill development

Khumlamo Patton Akuk Village, Wokha   Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”. And truly the people of Nagaland are naturally gifted with skills, which if honed has the potential to self sustain and meet aspirations and […]

NSF Presidential Council Resolution on Naga Club

The august house in its emergency Presidential council meeting held at the NSF Conference Hall, Naga Club Building, Kohima on the 16th November, 2018 acknowledged the pioneers and elders who had selflessly contributed to the cause of the Nagas through various forums and in particular the Naga Club and also thoroughly deliberated on the newly […]

The Kitchen as the Place of Women Empowerment!

Sanyü Iralu Sechü-Zubza   My attention has been drawn to three articles that have appeared in The Morung Express consecutively in the last three days, all to do with women “exploitation,” “subjugation” “oppression” by men necessitating their liberation from the “patriarchal society,” and their subsequent “empowerment,” leading to the promotion of a “shared humanity” with […]

Inappropriate Content: Think before you post

Inappropriate Content: Think before you post

The social media space is such that all types of opinions and comments keep floating around. Little do people contemplate on what they are expressing or what type of opinions is being freely aired by other netizens. This is leading to a not too healthy situation in respect to many things – women’s dignity; individual […]

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