For the cause of Naga common aspiration

I thank Chairman Rev. Dr. Wati Aier and his colleagues of the FNR and the representatives from 29 Naga regions from the Naga inhabited areas, present here today.


I take this privilege being trusted to me by the officials of APO representatives present here to share my/our views of APO, communicated to me just last night by Niketu Iralu who could not be present here this morning in this gathering due to his transportation problems. But as per our discussion last night and his telephonic talk to me this morning that I should share something about the views of the Angamis (APO) to all, as given a chance to speak along with APO representatives, sitting here together as its representatives.


Our/my first thanks go to the FNR for bringing peace, unity and understanding to the Nagas with brotherly relationship within our Naga family and the Naga National workers /groups in particular. Once the fratricidal killings became common and there was no chance of communicating with each other among the factions for so long but now such things could be made possible through the prayers and best wishes of the Naga people being spearheaded by the FNR since 2008 till today. And we the APO, is very grateful to the FNR in taking up another venture to bring even the Naga Public representatives from the East-West- North-South and elsewhere of the Naga family to come together and show our solidarity to the world that there is a People as the Nagas, exist in this part of the world from time immemorial and continue thus far. And to this occasion of 10th January 2018 as the ‘Naga Day’ as already decided in the first meeting of the FNR some 10 days back, I on behalf of the APO shall give the views of the Angamis at this august house in this manner.


As we all know that the Nagas have three undivided principles in our political aspirations, right from the beginning of our struggle for self-determination as an indigenous People and Nation of South East Asiatic region, basing on the Naga Memorandum, submitted to the then British Simon Commission on the 10th January 1929 by the Naga Club the Naga Independence Day declaration to the outside world on the 14th August 1947; and the Naga Plebiscite conducted site on the 16th May, 1951 by the NNC in confirmation of the first two events already laid down by our forefathers with their farsighted visions for the generations to come.


Yes, we have been told that this Naga Political Memorandum was drafted by Late Rüzhükhrie Sekhose, one of the first Naga graduates, signed by 20 members on behalf of all the Nagas even to the youngest child born last night and so also the other two events i.e. 14th August 1947 and the 16th May, 1951 conducted by the NNC. And inspite of the present indifferences of views, nomenclature in the organizations and leadership crisis, difference in our approaches in our political struggle for recognition at the international even the days to come, we are one in mind and stand and if January 10, 2018 shall be observed/celebrated as ‘Naga Day’ with a mammoth gathering or few at different places of our Naga areas in extending our brotherly ties and emotional integration as we feel it as quite appropriate and befitting to our present local situation even with our goodwill approaches to our neighbouring states and nations for a peaceful co-existence without hurting the feeling of each other which also would be appreciated by all our Naga National workers and their groups whom we have been in touch all these days.


It is true that the Naga Club and its Memorandum submitted on the 10th January 1929 Naga Independence Day Declaration on 14th August 1947 and the Naga Political Referendum conducted on the 16th May 1951 are the common properties of the Naga people which no one can deny but since these milestones of events took place in the Angami Region/Jurisdiction and by taking the views on the principles of these three events as common property and especially the 10th Jan 1929 as the Naga Day (being the day as the beginning of registering our Naga National Political rights, the Angamis under the umbrella of APO shall gives our best co-operation to the FNR and to the occasion for the success of the programme by extending all our possible assistance for the successful celebration of this Dignified Day of the Nagas.


“Wish you all happy safe journey back home”

(Speech of Ruovihulie Angami on behalf of the Angami Public Organization (APO) at the Forum Naga Reconciliation (FNR) meeting held on October 14, 2017. Camp: Rhondendron Hall Chumukedima, Dimapur)

Note: Based on this speech and the opinion and views expressed on that day, we are gathered here today to mark the occasion for which I heartily welcome and salute you all to this same holy ground where the Nagas walked out enmass when the Indian Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and U Nu of Myanmar (the erstwhile Burma) refused to listen to the Naga aspiration in 1953.


And to mark this occasion,

(1) a Papal tree has been planted just in front of the Naga Club Building (present Naga Students’ Federations Office) and shall be preserved to signify the growth of Naga Family and its National Movement for a rightful place in the chronology in world history. Let us keep this Naga Club Building and its premises as a Centre of Excellence and Think-Tank Political Nerve Institution, by maintaining its sanctity.

(2) Flow Chart of the Naga National Movement/The tree of the Naga National Movement in chronological order is being displayed here in front of the Play Ground Rostrum and at the Naga Club Building vicinity for the Naga people of all age to read and note.

(3) A Documentary as Reference Books i) The Naga National Rights & Movement from Naga Memorandum 10th Jan. 1929 to 1993 publications ii) A Souvenir to mark the 50th year of NNC and 51St year of Declaration of Naga Independence, 1996 publication (iii) An introduction to the Origin and Migration of the Nagas by Gen. Mo-u Gwizan, 1993 publication (iv) A brief account of Naga National Movement, 2018 publication, shall be made available on sale shortly, at the Heritage Publisher’s bookstore and other reputed bookstalls in Nagaland.

(4) Album of the Naga National Leaders and events of the day

(5)Final (corrected) copy of Naga Memorandum to the British Simon Commission, the 10th Jan. 1929.

(6) Any Naga citizen opposing this Naga Day occasion and the related Naga National documents shall be noted as against our Naga common aspiration.