CBCNEI appealed to PM to intervene in North Sentinel Island

Guwahati, Novemebr 27 (MExN): The Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (CBCNEI) in an appeal letter to the Prime Minister of India urged him to help the people of the island. The CBCNEI, according to the letter, is perturbed by the news report that estimated about forty surviving members of the tribe. Citing news report that the number of the tribe members have not increased over several decades and the low level of immunity, the CBCNEI appealed to the PM to step in and help the people as any contact will diseases or sickness could wipe out the whole community.  The letter signed by the Mission Secretary, Rev Dr Jolly Rimai pointed out that the letter is in no way influenced by the killing of the American Missionary/tourist but purely out of concern for the community.