CCTV surveillance in all polling stations: CEO

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 24 (MExN): The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Nagaland, Abhijit Sinha has informed that in order to ensure free and fair elections, CCTV surveillance shall be installed in all the polling stations across the state with either webcasting or videography.


Media cell, CEO Nagaland in a press release informed that camera will be mounted in the polling stations at sufficient height and it shall be so placed to cover the maximum possible area in the polling station without hampering the secrecy of vote.


Further, the camera will clearly capture and transmit the following aspects of the poll proceedings – the mock poll, process of identification of voter by polling officer, application of indelible ink on the finger of the voter, initialization of control unit of EVM by presiding officer after satisfactory identification of voter.


The CEO also informed that during voter’s visit to voting compartment for casting vote on the balloting unit of EVM, the cover face of ballot unit/VVPAT will not be shown so that the voter’s secrecy is preserved under all conditions.