Chakhesang CEM reaffirms on Clean Election

Chakhesang CEM reaffirms on Clean Election

Phek, July 11 (MExN): The Chakhesang Clean Election Movement (CCEM) continued its wide range consultations with the village leaders, VCCs, VDBs, youth, women, booth level officers, pastors and church leaders of 16th Pfutsero constituencies and 17th Chizami constituencies on July 11 at Chakhesang Mission Centre Church T. Chikri Pfutsero.


Leaders from 27 villages who attended the meeting thoroughly deliberated on Clean Electoral Roll and proxy voting. “They resolved that village council members and booth level officers (BLOs) will take the responsibility to oversee inclusion of eligible voters from 18-21 years. They also will delete the names of the deceased and all illegal voters,” stated a press release received here.


It also added that the leaders strongly affirmed to setup check gates to control the inflow of liquors to Phek District. The village council chairmen and pastors agreed and are assigned to setup volunteers in their own Villages and Towns to monitor the clean election pledges in its true spirit in the coming general election.


Pastors are also requested to preach on the importance of clean election on Sunday worship services.


The meeting was chaired by Dr. Kuzhopoyo Tunyi Convener CCEM, Rev. Dr. Yiepetso Wezah led the devotion and Rev. Dr. Vezopa Tetseo Executive Secretary CBCC gave a brief introduction about the meeting. Kekhwengulo Lea, President CPO and Colo Mero, Director of Life sports Nagaland spoke on the general view of Clean Election and John Lohe deliberated on clean E-Roll and proxy voting.


Rev Dr. Neingupe chiero benedicted the meeting and the CCEM convenor, Dr. Kuzhopoyo Tunyi asked all the participants to raise hands as a sign of their support towards clean election movement.