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Chakhroma GBs’ Union flays Lamhai Namdi incident

Dimapur, September 12 (MExN): The Chakhroma GBs’ Union (CGBU) today stated that it was appalled by “attack and burning down” of Lamhai Namdi Village in the wee hours of September 6 by some unknown miscreants.

The act of arson and firing from sophisticated automatic weapons by the miscreants creating unwanted situation when every “Nagas are whole heartedly craving for peace and brotherhood, is highly objectionable," asserted CGBU in a press statement. 

It also urged the government to initiate all sincere efforts to look into the matter contextually and put it to “rest once and for all.”

On reports that reason for the attack on the village was due to “dispute regarding ownership over land on which the village is established,” the Union further stated that the “since the time of our ancestors, the people of Peren, i.e. Zeliangs and Chakhroma shared boundaries.

“We lived together as good neighbours and shared brotherhood and there was no one between us with whom we shared boundaries,” informed that statement issued by CGBU President Atso Gwizan and General Secretary, Thepfukedo Kuotsu. 

“The villages that came to be established later, whether it be in Chakhroma’s land or within Peren district were done so with good will and permission of the traditional land owners,” it said. 

Meanwhile, the CGBU further noted that there is no land in Nagaland which is without owner and our Naga society and “since the days of our ancestors, was such that each community existed within its own territory or jurisdiction.” 

There was, no doubt, warfare and headhunting between different villages, but it was never for the purpose of conquering another’s land and there is no history of any village conquering and occupying another village, it maintained.  

Such Naga society was so closely knitted and stuck together according to tribe and kinship, and accordingly, initially when Nagaland got statehood, the districts were created according to the tribes and communities that lived in the area,” it added. 

While it dawn of modernisation has made people to move to different parts of the world and settle in different places, but the history still remains the same, CGBU further said. 

“This history cannot be changed by use of force or intimidation,” it asserted.  

The Union also pointed out that the Government should understand that every piece of land in Nagaland has an owner.

“There is nothing called Union Territory or commonly owned land and be specific while demarcating the boundaries and giving recognition to villages,” it said. 

Naga are good host as long as the “guests respect and acknowledge the good gesture of the host,” if the latter go “overboard,” unwanted situations are “definitely bound to flare up,” it added. 

In this connection,  the CGBU urged the government to initiate “all sincere efforts to look into the matter and clearly bring out a verdict basing on the history and all available records to put the matter to rest once and for all.” 
Set up and investigating team to bring out the identity of the persons responsible incidents and ascertain how the miscreants came to be in possession of such sophisticated automatic weapons, it added. 


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