Challenges of public transport commuters

Gopan Ameshu Konyak

These things may be quite silly but true and very important for our Naga brothers who drive auto and taxi to really ponder upon before going out for work.


I always pay Rs.40 to the non-local auto drivers to reach home from my College (Unity College, Dimapur) to Lengirijan colony. We usually part smilingly saying thank you. But yesterday due to rain I got into an auto driven by a local from the junction. As usual, I paid him Rs. 40 even though it was from a shorter distance. But to my surprise, he wanted Rs. 60. I said it was not fair on his part to ask Rs. 20 extra. But he was unhappy and told me that he should not have come if it is for Rs. 40 or Rs. 50.


I offered him to take Rs. 50 but he was not willing so I paid him Rs. 60 with a firm promise in my heart never to take local auto drivers in Dimapur again as long as there are people who accept right fare.


I am sure many people in Dimapur prefer to take non-local auto because of this kind of attitude.


I read somewhere that employing only locals as auto driver in Dimapur could have save some thousands of unemployed youth in Nagaland but according to what many are facing it would have make more people poor and unaffordable to live.


Just sharing the experience… PEACE OUT!


Please do not think that Rs. 20 extra is nothing, I haven’t seen money growing on trees anywhere.


JJ Naga

Some years back, I was driving an auto as part time job and I saw so many local drivers charging very less fare from that the non-local driver, yes, not forgetting that there are also many who charge more than what it must cost too.


I also saw many non-local trying to cheat the passenger in so many ways. They are cunning and are even ready to strike at anytime on those weaker and vulnerable passengers, if something goes wrong on the process, especially at night. We can change that between us but we cannot undo if anything happens to passengers committed by non-local auto drivers.


The reason why some say to appoint local drivers are may be security reason or to do away with population of non-local in Nagaland and many reasons. My point here is whatever the matter may be we must not deprive our own people of their right for a job to survive. Let us tackle this matter and solve it within ourselves for our better tomorrow.


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