Christian artist Yanger Imchen to release debut single ‘Fly’

Christian artist Yanger Imchen to release debut single ‘Fly’

Morung Express News

Young people across Nagaland, like the rest of the global Christian community, are greatly influenced by praise and worship songs and the bands that lead the whole congregation through songs and prayer.


One such artist who is not new to the praise and worship music scene in the state is Yanger Imchen. He has been leading worship for the last 12 years.


As a young ‘born-again Christian’, with his love for music and singing and with the new found passion for praise and worship, Yanger first started leading worship in Dimapur Ao Baptist Church before joining the worship team of Sinai Ministry in 2009.


Since then he has been to all the districts of Nagaland, and to almost all the villages and towns of the State with the Sinai team, for revivals, crusades and youth camps. Yanger has also been to several parts of India and abroad with Sinai Ministry on mission trips.


In fact, it was after a recent journey to Israel in 2014 that Yanger was inspired to write his song ‘Fly’.


With responsibilities to carry out, expectations to meet, and his fair share of heartache, Yanger admits that the road leading to where he is today has not been easy, but today he credits it all due to God’s grace upon his life that he has found himself in a place where he is secure in his identity in Christ.


He also acknowledges all the leaders who have always supported him and under whose love and guidance he has learnt a lot and come this far.


Sharing the story behind the song Yanger says that he wrote it at a time when he was “reveling in the love of the Father, amazed and overwhelmed by His goodness.”


“This song has come up with the revelation during my personal worship time, on how Jesus saved and gave me freedom,” he shares.


Yanger also adds, “When I was lost and in a hopeless situation, He saved me and set me free from all my darkness, bondages, spiritual blindness, and through His grace placed me upon His righteous throne with Him. When Jesus has done so much, how can I stay silent? His goodness and His saving grace should be heard by all. There is freedom and hope in Jesus Christ.”


The song ‘Fly’ which is already a favourite in his local church will be released in YouTube on July 15 at 7:00 pm.