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Christian Medical College’s Nagaland Connection

The main hospital building, Christian Medical College Vellore, Tamil Nadu (Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)


Morung Express Feature

Despite the distance, the Christian Medical College, Vellore (CMC) has been a preferred healthcare destination for the Nagas over the years.


At any time of the year, one will come across a number of patients from Nagaland as well as other North Eastern states, either seeking long-term medical treatment or check up.


The department of Nephrology or the “specialty of medicine and pediatrics that concerns itself with the kidneys” is the most sought section. As the first hospital to conduct the successful kidney transplant in India way back in 1971, CMC’s reputation and capabilities has galloped exponentially over the years.


Besides, people prefer the institute, not only for its cost effectiveness and quality treatment, but the caring services the health personnel provide. This is no mean feat, considering that CMC caters to 8000 outpatients and 2700 inpatients daily in an average, as per official record.


An ambience Chapel at the heart of the Hospital also serves as a huge solace providing a quiet space for comfort to patients and families. The patients as well as their helpers are regular patrons of several guest houses in and around the institute to cater to their needs.


Somehow, the language differences melt away due to ‘unique’ affinity Tamilians seems to share with Nagas and NE populace. It is little wonder that despite the distance, around 75,000 patients from NE visited CMC in 2016-17 including around 2500 from Nagaland, as per CMC record.


Consequently, the NBCC, through its mission wing Nagaland Missionary Movement, maintains a Chaplain at CMC, with sponsorship from affiliated churches.


Special reservation in medical seats also exists through CMC partnership with Council of Baptist Churches in Northeast India.


However, Nagaland’s relationship with CMC goes beyond that. The premier Christian Institute Of Health Sciences and Research (CIHSR) at 4th Mile, Dimapur “is a tripartite partnership of Christian Medical College Vellore, Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) and the State of Nagaland.”


It was officially inaugurated in 2007 and “aims at creating a holistic health destination that in turn will take responsibility for reaching out to the further most parts of the region and impact health in Northeast India.”
CMC Vellore contributes significantly to CIHSR by way of training opportunities, regular visits by consultants, information transfer and advice.


The Vision Statement of CIHSR is also in line with the CMC: “To develop Christ centered leadership in healthcare, transforming communities through compassion, innovation and excellence.”