Classical guitar workshop with Dr Paul Cesarczyk

Classical guitar workshop with Dr Paul Cesarczyk

The Nagaland Classical Guitar Society will be hosting a classical guitar teacher-training workshop conducted by Dr Paul Cesarczyk, Polish-born American guitarist and guitar teacher from April 23-28.


The workshop will be concluded with a short classical guitar recital at the Bundrock Memorial Chapel at the Patkai Christian College on April 28 at 5:30pm.


This workshop is being sponsored by The Indian Guitar Federation (IGF) and will be conducted at Hope Centre for Excellence and will be attended by Guitarists and guitar teachers from across the Nagaland, the North East and Calcutta.


Over the last few years he relocated to Thailand and has been instrumental in raising the standard of classical guitar playing in that country. He heads the Guitar Department at the Mahidol University College of Music in Bangkok, Thailand.


The inaugural event will be held at Hope Centre for Excellence on April 23 at 10:00 am. Avik Saha (President of the IGF) will also be there for the occasion.