Did the Clean Election Campaign have a significant impact on the recent By-election in Kohima? Why?

Did the Clean Election Campaign have a significant impact on the recent By-election in Kohima? Why?



Some of those who voted YES had this to say:


  • Yes, there was some positive significant impact this election. At least unlike the past that rowdiness and tension was not there. It still has not reached full clean elections but at least it has made a beginning.


  • Not perfect. There will be nothing such as perfect clean election. But it was one drop in a mighty ocean.


  • Yes, a little bit, since the election was conducted smoothly & there was no Violence. Which indicate itself.


  • The report that people refused to take money in exchange for their vote is a big step forward. This is the spirit of Clean Elections.


  • There was a mixed response. So, it can boldly be said that, there are some people who are ready to change this political life.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:


  • No, not at all. At a superficial level it appears as if it is clean. But in reality everyone knows that money flows from both candidates and voters were pocketing, drinking and merry-making throughout the by-election. Practically speaking, whether we like it or not, clean election is a far-fetched dream here in Nagaland, at least for now. So this question coming from the media fraternity is a bit surprise. Its too naive on the part of the media, I should say. My simple question is: Does the media feel the pulse of the people? Or are they also too aloof, like the politicians, from the social reality, yes, from the common man?


  • Definitely no. Nothing has changed. In fact I have really enjoyed and become richer by few thousands. Thanks. More election please.


  • I don’t think it worked because when I went to vote my vote has already been voted.


  • No, overall there was no significant impact. I will add there was some improvement in some areas, but those were not significant. This question is important so that we can dissect and identify where the problem is. I hope that the NBCC will take time to read the responses to this question. Unless we bring our kitchen conversation into the public domain such as the newspapers, this conversation will not have any impact.


  • Not enough. Just a pinch of change. CEC still failed to educate the masses at the grassroot level.


  • No, you can’t compare By-election with state election, Since in By-election the campaign strategies is always different from State assembly election. And as such a state like Nagaland can’t and never able to achieve the Clean Election Campaign, because the involvement of Churches, Association is high headiness. In public life and Church they may say in this election we should start Clean Election Campaign but in-fact they are the real culprit. Second, Clean Election Campaign will never ever success unless the practice of corruption in every department and tribalism stop or somehow come down. As such is the corruption how can a state like Nagaland have a Clean Election Campaign and so there will not be a clean candidate. So first stop the corruption and let the church leader and association take a vow that they will not involve in corruption as well as in politics Nagaland state can have a Clean Election Campaign.


  • No, Cash for vote.


  • No, both candidates lavishly used money and muscle power to win the by-election. All the high sounding speeches were only rhetoric to woo the gullible voters. The by-election was as dirt and ugly as any other previous elections.


  • One candidate openly started buying votes which compelled the other candidate to follow suit.


  • Whatever you feel appreciated in the subject is not due to Clean election campaign. But it is only due to environment changes as the nature and the habitation changes which give a change to people and people’s adaptation. Never give a credit of your appreciation to this movement.


  • No just a pipe dream. All the citizens are Christians. Village areas no proxy but all have money fever in general. For weeks every household head is counted by the church mini executives and money divided and distributed by the macro members. The outskirts comprising of KMC wards are controlled by the macho landowners + money. Clean Election Campaign ‘Sorry’. “Love of Money is the root of all Evil.”


  • No, as everybody can see that money flowed free even inside the village and the Christians who goes to the church are directly involved. It is not the talk of the theory that is going to work for a clean election. It is the mentality and the urgency of the common people for truth, for a clean Naga society. Hypocrisy is at its peak and it is up to the upright young generation to apply it in all honesty.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:


  • It’s not a magic bullet. It will take a couple of generations to undo what has been done. If there is a small success maybe that will engender hope and trust in people and continue to reshape the future. Empower people.


  • I was disappointed because I thought that the Clean Election Campaign would come out in full force for this single constituency by-election. I would say it was a golden opportunity missed. You hardly heard anything about Clean Election, I wish NBCC would have shown the full power of the campaign. During the whole election process they were quiet. Disappointed.


  • The clean election is a noble initiative. Majority of the public want clean election. But the clean elections cannot be limited to money, alcohol and proxy voting. It is much more than that. I think the clean election is limited by its own design. It has to touch on aspect of clean candidates with credibility and integrity. Also it needs to ask whether clean election is possible within the present system. But most of all, it must find a way to empower the public to decide for itself.


  • This is a start. The impact may not be much at this nascent stage of awareness campaign. But once started we should not give up and continue relentlessly. It is the Church who is leading in the forefront. Dont lose faith. Work so that each and every individual, organisations consciousness will be touched deeply with the realization that it is we who has the power to make a change




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