‘CLEAN ELECTION’ can be a reality

Mamang Khongsai

“Adult Franchise”, the power that you gain by virtue of being a bonafide citizen of a democratic country.. The power given to any citizen from 18 years and above irrespective of caste, colour, creed, religion, sex and place of birth, the power that decides, the power that elects or rejects a leader, the only power that makes you enjoy all the rights and privileges enshrined in the constitution.. It is also the power that has no price though we sell it the easy way for money.. Are we even aware of the power we have??


A layman’s perception.


If somebody gives you money and says, “I will work for you”, would you believe that?? If a candidate gives you money in favour of your vote and says, “I will work for you if elected”, would you believe that?? Nobody pays to work..You work only then you get paid..


We all talk about Faith.. We all say we are Christians.. Are we still Christians during elections?? Can our Faith be relaxed for a month or two during NLA Election season??


We all go to a particular Church, we all study the Bible, we all educate ourselves spiritually.. Why not education about Election in the Church?? We all boast about our political knowledge.. Really, or is it just the Election which many of us know as Politics cos the real politics starts only after the election and a candidate is elected..


Going to the Church every Sunday and educating ourselves with the history of Israel isn’t practical but theoretical with regard to the modern concept.. We call Israel a God’s chosen nation.. But do we know the present day Israel also heads in the field of modern warfare, be it nuclear or the like.. We take it as a source of inspiration spiritually but I believe we are taking Israel of the past and not the present.. The Middle-East, the region where our Lord Jesus Christ roamed as a human preaching and performing miracles is now the most conflicted region in the world.. It is the home to Jehads and the Jehadis who make wars and kill in the name of religion.. The Americans who came as missionaries and brought Christianity to our land instead needs missionaries now.. Things became even worse when our concept of living the American dream started within our land..Why not we adopt only the religion they brought to us and not their culture.. Late night parties, fashion, lifestyle etc is modernity but also a culture that started ruining us.. It’s a modern culture and a way of life but is it something worth when it’s ruining our society?? Whose culture is it?? Ours?? We can be modern but as Christians, in a different way.. Lets give a thought..


NBCC started the Clean Election Campaign and it’s a very good motive and we all accept that without any objection or question.. Why are we putting the blame on NBCC, accusing them for the failure of the campaign when it’s we, the members of the Church, the members of NBCC who should put the same into practice.. The candidates and the voters, aren’t we all members of a church?? (I’m keeping aside the IBI voters in Dimapur)..


See, no candidate is a fool to spend crores of rupees just to develop us, our lands. If they so want, that’s possible even without contesting the elections.. Dear parents, your children will apt you.. Dear youth, the younger generation will apt you.. This is a sickness that needs an instant cure..Is the election money that necessary?? Has any youth secured his future, has any parent secured a child’s future, has anybody built a home from election money, has anybody died of hunger from denying election money?? See, we all will be back to our same old chores in a month or two after the elections.. The winning candidate will start neglecting the voters and start accumulating.. No developmental works will follow.. It is going to be the same situation as of now.. Whom shall we blame then?? The candidates or us, the voters?? None, because we are all part of the system which we call corruption..


Had we refrained from accepting cash, we will have the right and power to voice out the promises made prior to election. But we can’t cos together with the candidates, we all have eaten up the promises.. As usual, the cries, the mockeries, the blames etc will start again in social medias knowing fully we have instituted such government..


Lets vote to make the candidates our servants, lets make them work for us and not vice-versa.. It isn’t late but the right time.. Change is nothing but you and I.. Change won’t come unless you and I change..


Adult Franchise – the right to vote for all adults.. We don’t need money to exercise this right of ours.. Especially the youth, why not we vote without money and became decision makers instead of being in bondage for another 5 years?? Many achievements and changes can be made in 5 years only if we take the right decision and use wisely our power to vote.. The future doesn’t belong to our parents, it’s ours.. Lets not depend on our parents to decide our future, lets decide ourselves..


Someday when we look back 2018 Election, lets not regret that we made the wrong decision.. The decision we make today determines our tomorrow..


“Clean Election Campaign can be a reality only if we clean our thoughts and act according to it”..


God bless us all!