Clean Election Worked For Me

Kezhaleto Zecho

Upper PWD, Kohima

This 2018 election, I refrained myself from getting involved in any kind of election-related-activity. This is my 3rd time voting and for the FIRST TIME in my life, I supported Clean Election – ‘One Man, One Vote’, no visiting candidates, no taking money, no asking for jobs, etc. I tried my very best not to attend any kind of these so-called ‘election meetings’ called by party workers and youth leaders of this and that party where MANY of these meeting attendees (read ‘Christians’) attend just to take some Gandhis back home after the useless/useful meeting. Trust me, most of these attendees really couldn’t care less about the FAKE PROMISES given by our Kaziranga-loving friends and some of the New Dirty Players who are ever ready to recover their debts (crores and crores) once they win. Please exclude the countable few clean candidates whom we’ve heard so much about in different social media platforms, who did not spend a penny to buy the ever-hungry voters. A very BIG SALUTE to these genuine candidates and the educated voters in their constituencies who changed their mind this time to vote for a difference. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. You guys have done something very good which will go a long way. You people are the torch bearers.


Also, I don’t see much development in the next five years. Why? How? What??! Do you want to play some blame games? Please blame the Government, please. Our candidates are so loving and compassionate creatures that they don’t mind spending Karores & Karores during election season. None of them would dare try to recover their ‘root of all evil’ they wasted on us voters when they become victorious. Please believe me. I am not lying. I don’t want to say more on this subject! Oh wait, there will be some or a little bit of development after all. That’s only because whichever party comes to power, there is going to be a strong opposition party this time. A little ray of Hope. Yay!


Coming back to clean election, never did I know that just because of taking part in Clean Election Campaign would I be disappointing so many people – friends, neighbours, relatives, clansmen and even my parents. Yes, my parents too. A couple of days before the polling date, an uncle, who is a very active campaigner for a particular candidate in our constituency (15 Southern Angami II A/C), came to our place early in the morning to take me and my brothers to the candidate’s house to ‘know him well’ or ‘know him better’ so that we could find some ways in the future. Unable to refuse my uncle’s kinda-forcing attitude and my parents’ approval, my elder brother and younger brother left. I don’t know if it was against their wishes but elders are elders. We Nagas become so obedient at times. I’m sure they came back home smiling. I didn’t see because I went back to sleep after a quick chit-chat with mom and dad after they left. Well, I actually knew what that ‘find some ways in the future’ meant. In today’s educated and civilized people’s dictionary, it is either called BACKDOOR APPOINTMENT…. or POLITICAL APPOINTMENT as some politicians say, which is one of the many factors crumbling our society today. What worries me the most is, many of our parents and elders still think this is okay. My mom and dad ‘were’ one of them. I’m sure they have given a second thought now after the little chit-chat we had. If you would have heard me that unpleasant morning, you’d say I was scolding them. No, actually I was educating them and myself too. I just became a little loud. My message here is, I want all the educated people to educate your parents and elders. Some of them are pastors, deacons and reverends; some of them are church leaders, youth directors, Sunday school teachers, etc. And most importantly, we all are Christians. It’s not that we don’t know about all these ill practices. We know it all, yet we are still OKAY with it which is not at all okay.


‘We elect leaders not so that they would give job or money or cars to people (their constituency people who are close to them, the rest of the voters who sold their votes during election will all go to dustbin), but we elect them so that they would fight corruption and develop the community/constituency they represent.’ I think I said something like that to mom and dad.


I hope and pray that one day we all will realise what’s wrong is wrong even if everybody does it and what’s right is right even if nobody does it.


I am not trying to be a saint all of a sudden. I am still a sinner, a big sinner indeed. But I’m glad that I have committed one lesser sin than those of you who have sold your precious votes just for a few Rupees more.


God bless!