Coffee plantation making progress in Nagaland

Coffee plantation making progress in Nagaland

Commissioner & Secretary, LRD, Y Kikheto Sema, IAS examining the coffee plants at Tsiesema during field visits of Coffee Plantation sites in North Angami areas on March 22. (Photo Courtesy: NEPS)

Touphema, March 23 (NEPS): A team of officers from the Land Resources Department (LRD) led by Commissioner & Secretary, LRD, Y Kikheto Sema, IAS conducted field visits at the coffee plantation sites in the North Angami areas on March 22.

The coffee plantations have been taking place on a large scale in the Northern Angami areas and even the demand for coffee saplings is high in the areas.

The Department has successfully covered of total coffee plantation areas in Nagaland is 6180 hectors, out of this, Kohima District alone is 1065.71 hectares covering 72 villages inkling 911 households.

Expressing his happiness on the massive plantation of the coffees in the North Angami areas, Commissioner & Secretary stated that the coffee plantation would become an economic boom in the State. Stating that there was no politics in coffee development, he further said that where the coffee plantation was feasible, the villagers should come forward and encourage the farmers to go for the coffee plantations. The coffee plantations would not only thrive economically but also provide jobs to the unemployed youths, he added.

Kikheto Sema along with C Vanchamo Ngullie, Joint Director, LRD and Dr. Menuosietuo Tsiekha, District Project Officer, Kohima, and other officers examined the coffee plants growing in plantation sites. They had also demonstrated to the growers how they should nurture the plants. They said that the coffee should be grown in shades. ‘Coffee plants are shade loving,’ they said. ‘Therefore, they should be grown under shades.’

The Commissioner & Secretary was also very happy to see the peaceful coexistence of Angamis and Sumis in Northern Angami areas like Gariphema and Touphema. He was addressing the village coffee growers at the Gariphema Village while wrapping up their field visits of the coffee plantations.

‘Gariphema is a unique village where the Angamis and Sumis have been living together peacefully, he said. They both can speak Angami and Sumi, he said and further added that when ‘Nagas don’t see Nagas in Nagaland,’ these villagers (Angami and Sumis) in the Gariphema village had shown to them how they could coexist with peace and without any administrative problem.

He called upon the Naga people to emulate the uniqueness of the Angamis and Sumis in the Gariphema Village. ‘This is simply unique,’ he said.

He also informed the coffee growers in the villages that they should not always depend on subsidies as it would be difficult on the Department’s part. He said due to the massive success of the coffee plantations, the demand was very high and the Department started facing problem to meet their demands. He further disclosed that the Department had to raise 90 lakh saplings that would cost Rs. 20 core annually and therefore, they would be unable to satisfy the demands. The villagers should come forward to raise coffee saplings for supplying to the coffee farmers, he stated.