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COLOURS OF HORNBILL: Cultural troupes from various tribes participate on the fourth day of the ongoing Hornbill Festival 2019 at the Naga Heritage Village, Kisama. A total of 17 tribes, consisting 850 are presenting cultural songs, dances, indigenous games, rituals throughout the ten-day festival at Kisama. The cultural troupe includes; Angami- Khonoma Village Cultural Troupe, Ao- Dibuia Cultural Club (Jangpetkong), Chakhesang-Kutsapo Village Cultural Troupe, Chang- Chumshu MPS Society (Dancing Club) Waoshu Village, Khiamniungan- New Pangsha Women Dancing Cultural Club, Konyak-Mopong Hongkong Yalam (KNSK-Mopong Unit), Lotha- Lotsu Village Cultural Troupe, Wokha, Phom- Nagaland Cultural Troupe, Pongo Village, Longleng, Pochury-Khumiasü Village Cultural Troupe, Rengma-Tsogin Cultural Troupe, Tseminyu, Sangtam- Tizisa Cultural Troupe, Sanphure Village Kiphire, Sumi- Tichipami Village Cultural Troupe, Yimchungrü- Phuvsi Cultural Troupe, Phuvkiu Village Kiphire, Zeliang : Mount N-Gaulo Cultural Troupe, Peren, Garo- Garo Cultural Troupe, Darogapathar Village, Kachari-Kachari Cultural Troupe, Dimapur and Kuki-Kuki Cultural Troupe, Phaipijang. (Morung Photos) 

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