Are you convinced by the Chief Minster’s statement that his government is keen on changing the system to check corruption?

Are you convinced by the Chief Minster’s statement that his government is keen on changing the system to check corruption?

 Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

  • Yes, but I think we’re all little bit still unclear how exactly.


  • Yes, and I believe we need a little time for a change. He alone can’t atone and handle all the corruption to be cleared out just by one day or by 12hr. Sometimes it’s better to be positive and believe rather than always pin pouting out the bad in others….. I’m betting my yes on that and let’s wait for the result.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

  • Just looking at the present situation in Nagaland there is nothing to convince me that the Chief Minister is serious. After all the tamasha when TR returned to become the Chief Minister he had a good opportunity to take some positive action to tackle the flood, collapsing bridges and other social issues. But what does he do. He goes to visit the site where the new Chief Minister complex is being constructed. That was a horrible decision on the part of the advisors and others. This reveals where his heart actually lies.


  • No, I am not convinced by the Chief Minister’s statement on corruption. If he is serious they should terminate the contract on Pillai. The Chief Minister if he wants to prove credible should invite the CBI for independent investigation into the several charges of corruption.


  • I haven’t seen a leopard changing its spots. So it’s a NO.


  • Not at all. I am not convinced by CM’s statement that his govt is keen on changing the system to check corruption. All talks and no action make a man a hypocrite. Let his govt change the system first so that people will be convinced. Indeed seeing is believing. We are tired of hearing promises, all unfulfilled promises! Its time, in fact long overdue, that the govt of Nagaland stop fooling the public with mere words without action.


  • Sorry, he does not know what is corruption.


  • First he has to declare the assets and lease as public properties. Otherwise, it’s just an eye wash for 2018 election.


  • The statement is just for public consumption… where is the follow-up action?


  • I am not convinced because his Govt may be keen but never determined. Who will not be keen to see change but who’s there to change?


  • No, Honestly I am not convinced…”A man is known by the company he keeps”.


  • 1. No matter how many times a snake sheds its skin, it is still a snake.

    2.  There is no cure for mad dog.

    3. When amassing money is the only driving force, there is no such thing as moral judgement.


  • No. Other than make promises the Chief Minister has not done anything worthwhile to convince me that his government is keen on changing the system to check corruption. I hope he is aware that the NPF government is proving to be the most corrupt and destructive political party in the history of statehood.


  • If they have a will, there’s always a way. But looks doubtful. The people of Nagaland should go for a complete overhaul. Discard the present generation politicians as waste and bring in new people in the scene.


  • Money monger… Will bring changes in our state? Just shut up don’t oil people to get vote.


  • .. Neither him nor any politician ruling or opposition. Nagaland need a new set of committed God fearing leaders with new Vision.


  • No, what did he do in the past 4 years? It makes no sense at all… I’m not convinced at all…
  • No, we cannot change our own colour.


  • The words of CM are just a statement. Beyond this mere words stand empty Nagaland. If he is keen on checking corruption, why he did not check his Ministers and MLAs? He himself has become corrupted and therefore has to say something to cover his face. Let no one go on cheating Nagas from the platform. We now need open debate with our CM and our local MLAs.


  • In the present context, any sensible and fair Naga would have laughed his/her posterior on hearing such dull and hollow statements. CM better not bite off more than what he can chew. Once a hypocrite, always a hypocrite.


  • Election round the corner, need more money to buy votes.


  • I’m being told that even the CM himself doesn’t believe in what he said.


  • As the condition of road tell the whole lie.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

  • The present Chief Minister is very keen on development activities. But following his policies, there is something lacking. It does not have the depth and it lacks proper planning and implementation. I think the Chief Minister relies too much on others to do the roadmap. I have also noticed that his government does quite a lot of outsourcing. In a consumer driver economy like ours I don’t think these are wise economic and development policies. The level corruption is increasing because of lack of proper planning and implementation.


  • Politicians make promises they cannot keep so I would humbly suggest that he and his cabinet just do what is right. Show by example. Don’t blame people for their mistrusts on the politicians you have to earn it. Take less but give more to developments. You are the leader you show them how to do it. My humble advice.


  • Be the Change you want to see in the world. Gandhi.


  • Election talks… The talks will become more promising and intense in the coming days which until it will vanish into thin air after February next year.


  • It will be like Playing Blue whale Game. Check himself?


  • Facta non verba.