Who is more corrupted: People or Politicians?

Who is more corrupted: People or Politicians?

Seyiekhotuo Chucha
Assistant Professor
St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama

Nagaland being one the most beautiful state in North East India has been blessed with exotic rich culture and tradition. Nagas were known for their honesty and hospitality. However with the passage of time there have been much changes in the attitude of the people. Majority of the people in Nagaland are Christian but in spite of the fact that Nagaland being a Christian state, is not free from corruption. The present scenario in Nagaland is pathetic. Bad roads, poor infrastructure, less development, poor system, backdoor appointments, improper maintenance of public properties, to cite a few, have plagued the Naga Society. Nagaland is considered as one of the safest place for women, however in terms of corruption Nagaland is one among many that can be listed as the most corrupted state in India.


Everywhere you go, you hear about corruption, corruption, corruption. Naga society is now been deeply rooted in corruption. For instance if you need some of your works to be done urgently, you cannot expect it to be done directly without bribing or pleasing the official in charge (no works without bribery) or else your work is delayed or even ignored. Corruption has become an easy way of life.. Everybody looks for easy money by doing less work and gain more wealth. Everybody try to find an easy means of earning and living and thus have lost their dignity and integrity and self respect.


It is easy to say the politicians are corrupted or the Government is corrupted. We blame the government for misappropriation of funds. Where does this money go? Let me highlight my assumption of where this money could be/are being utilised. Election is just at our door step and the candidates are gearing up for the election and on the other hand we have been experiencing how people are going to make the best use of this election. I have come across youth that form groups or societies to work for political parties during election. This youth does not simply form group for their political interest however their main interest lie in the money that the intending candidate will offer them. They will switch to any political party that offer them more money. And not only that, youths are considered as the backbone of any society/political party so they need to be well fed by organising parties after parties and feast after feast. And hundreds of lakhs of Rupees are being spent for this purpose. During election money flow from trees and alcohol flows from life giving eternal streams.


Even in the remotest village of Nagaland ‘Election’is the hottest topic of discussion for both young and old. Their discussion is more on which politician/political party is offering more money instead of the manifesto or agendas of the party. During election, people shamelessly go to the candidate and demand for money, as if the candidate owes them money. The candidate can’t afford to displease any of the voters during election for every single vote is important for him and therefore tries to fulfil their demands. Have you ever wondered how the candidate fulfils the demands of the people or from where this money comes from? Or how the candidate makes up for the money that he had used during the election? I am very sure we already have the answer within us.


How can you and I call the government corrupted when we our self have elected those politician who have paid us during the election. How can you and I expect development when you and I have taken away the developmental funds during election? How can you and I expect the officials to be honest when we our self is corrupted.


Rise up People of Nagaland. Lets us retrospect our self, how honest we are, and how true we are to our self. Let us teach our self and our future generation about the rich culture that we have inherited from our forefathers of being ‘Honest’. We are being blessed with immense bounty, favourable climate, rich flora and fauna, beautiful landscape from where we can honestly earn and live. Let us preserve this rich culture of our forefathers who were honest and not let this culture be just a story to be told to the future generation but a practice that have been practiced ever since.