Corruption – An Existing Evil

Z. Peter KVZ

It is inappropriate to ask or question someone what corruption is in the present scenario.


Since from the days of childhood a vivid picture of the root of Corruption had been seen and learnt at Sunday School or Catechism class. As a matter of fact, from the genesis of the world our former parents -Adam and Eve were the tainted creature who premiered the unlawful act. It is not doubt that we are walking on their defiled footprints.


Let’s better be honest to Almighty God and admit generally that we all are the corrupt human beings.when we retrospect and visualize about the current state of time, there’s a likeness – evil-minded all around the globe….


Dear Nagas, why should we always blame our Government for the corruption?


Why don’t we scrutinize ourselves first?


Because this corruption dwells in everybody. Perhaps its prevailment is alluring the darkness and griminess in the society.


To dig out the truthfulness, we the people only chooses and elects the capable leader with our choice. So who is responsible now for the cause?


You (anyone) may be a man of generosity, kindness, lovingness, intellectual, brave, passionate, sociable, religious, patriotism etc. and you might be elected by the people to become a leader with these merit qualities. Notwithstanding, you would be regarded as the corrupted leader after ascending to the throne (seat).


What an unfair and complicated world is this?


Get up! It’s a high time to defy against the Sinnership instead of quarrelling and tussling for a corrupt Leadership.


As such there could be no progress, development, unity and harmony until and unless every individual accept his mistakes and understand the true meaning of life.


There is no such proper strategy to eradicate the existing evil of corruption, as it has been marked from the beginning. Yet we can be equipped with heartful desires of prayer in order to balance an insecure life;cultivate the habit of confessing our wrongdoings which can enlighten stepwise. It would eventually pave the way with a brighter generalship to tackle against all odds.