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CRC International leaders’ conference concludes

CRC International leaders’ conference concludes

Delegates from different countries during the CRCILC along with resource persons which was held at Bangkok from November 19 to 21.


Bangkok, November 21 (MExN): The second CRC International Leaders Conference (CRCILC) was held at The Church of Christ, Bangkok Thailand from November 19 – 21.

The three-day conference was organized by Nagaland CRC with Rev Dr Israkul David Thamungraksat as the Local Co-coordinator. The resource persons were NCRC Mission Director Rev Dr Imcha Yanger; NCRC President Rev Dr N Paphino and Vice President for Asia Evangelism Explosion International Malaysia Rev Voon Yuen Woh.

Rev Who, a Chinese origin who migrated to Malaysia shared his testimony about how he started the missionary. He said for God’s sake he changed everything, his family, friends, job, and place. He also shared about his ministry which is about 29 years old.

He has organized about 1800 training events till 2018 and has about 60 thousand churches under Explosion Evangelism (EE).

Rev N Paphino in his message shared about the existence of CRC in Nagaland, which came into existence with God’s revelation in 1958 and came into formation on January 9, 1962. He said that “Holy Spirit is the honor of this organization.”

He highlighted that the first Northeast CRC convention was held in 1997 at Kohima, NCRC golden Jubilee in 2012, All India CRC Convention in 2010, and 1st CRC International leaders Conference in 2015, while adding that the last convention will be held in “Heaven.”

Expressing his gratitude for choosing Bangkok as the venue for CRCILC Rev, Israkul said that Thailand needs more missionaries and mission works where only 1 percent is Christian out of 70 million people. He said Thailand was never colonized by the British which resulted in more independence.

Delegates from different countries and states included Africa, China, Malayasia, Nepal, Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Reports of different states were also presented: Kenya, Africa Rev Peter Mukhwana Wanyonyi, chairman of KCRCC shared about the existence of CRC in Africa. He said in the year 2019, August 24, CRC was founded in Africa and has a member of 200.

The church is functioning under Kenya Christian Revival Churches Council (KCRCC), South Africa. There are 30 churches functioning under KCRCC in Africa. He welcomed all missionaries to Kenya for mission work and wishes to partner all CRC Leaders to revive Africa. 

Nepal CRC was founded in the year 1996. About 25 to 30 lakh Christians are present in Nepal where the gospel has reached nine districts of Nepal out  of 77 districts.

Arunachal Pradesh CRCC came into existence in 1987, and now has about 400 full times church workers. Under Arunachal Christian Revival Churches Council (ACRCC) there are 800 CRC Churches.  

Manipur CRCC came into existence in 1980 CRC and has 37 churches functioning under its wing.  There are four organizations under MCRCC namely Mao CRC, Maram CRC, Poumai CRC, and Imphal Valley CRC.

Altogether 110 delegates participated in the conference. The Reverend informed that the next conference will be held at Kula Lampur, Malaysia which will be hosted by Full Gospel Tabernacle Church, Malaysia. The house selected Rev N Paphino as the Convener and Rev Tai Ete as the Secretary of the CRC International Fellowship 2020.


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