A Shyerhunlo Lorin

Dimapur, Nagaland


When something goes wrong, you are tempted to criticize the person responsible for it. The temptation to label the person as “careless” is very easy, but the criticism needs to be used as correctional tool without any anger whatsoever.


•  Criticize only in private. To do otherwise would mean loss of face and perhaps cancelling the value of the correction.


•  Preface criticism with kind words. You must acknowledge the person’s previous efforts to do work well


•  Your comments should be directed at the act, not at the person.


•  Do not expect the change immediately


•  Avoid overemphasizing mistake again and again. If necessary tell how to do it right.


•  Ask for cooperation and never demand it. An implied “Let us work this together..” is more effective.


•  It is always better to state clearly what needs improvement.


•  It is best to begin with a morale booster, end up in a positive fashion showing faith in a person’s willingness and ability to comply. This sets the stage for the acceptance of your suggestion for improvement.