CSU endorses Clean Election Campaign

Directs affiliated units to implement CCEM and NBCC Clean Election guidelines


Kohima, October 24 (MExN): The Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU) in its first Presidential Council Meeting held on October 21 at Chakhesang Baptist Church, Kitsubozou discussed various issues including the Clean Election campaign.


CSU President, Dode Nakro in a press release said that with the approaching of the general election and in accordance with the Clean Election guidelines as provided therein and also being part of the Core Committee agent of the Chakhesang Clean Election Movement (CCEM), the house unanimously resolved to fully support the CCEM for the betterment and for the larger interest of the Chakhesang community in particular and the Nagas in general.


The house resolved to organize a sensitization programme as part of creating awareness of the Clean Election guidelines to the students’ in particular and the entire people of the respective villages and henceforth, the CSU endorsed all its affiliated unit Students’ Union to initiate the proposed sensitization program in their own jurisdiction and further requested the units to carry out their initiative through print media.


In pursuance with the CCEM and NBCC Clean Election guidelines and to implement in later and spirit, the house expressed its discontentment over those units failing to do their part to adhere and abide to the given guidelines and unanimously resolved as under. The house resolved to restrict its unit to declare any sort of mass support to any particular candidate in collaboration with Village authority or any organization and thereby signing in the declaration is a direct violation of the guidelines and is liable for penalty.


The CSU, direct its entire affiliated unit to withdraw at the earliest in the event of any affiliated units has done as such. Failing to comply with the directive, the Union shall take its own course of action in the event the Union detected such declaration without any further notice.


The other agenda discussed and deliberated in the Presidential council meeting includes hosting of its 70th General Conference to be hosted by Kütsapo Students’ Union (KSU) during January 2018.